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Bigfoot of Colorado!
And Rockhounding in our wonderful state
Rocky Mountain Roar Captured at Three Bigfoot Locations

In the beginning, there were rocks, hills, trees, wildlife and the occasional mushroom.

Never could we have expected to find out...what we found out! Weather or not you know Bigfoot is real (it's not a belief), is not important. What really should matter to you is if you're willing to understand that there is no explanation for the things we are finding in the woods. Well, that is, there is no explanation in the realm of everything we have been taught to know of what is real in the world -in the FORESTS, especially areas such as the Pacific North West and the Rocky Mountains (Colorado for us).  And - then there's these pieces, that don't fit!

RMSO provides the typical sort of evidence of such things, as do many researchers and "knowers" who openly share on Youtube at the cost of ridicule and slander by many a sceptic. What are "such things"? We can start with the tree's; for the open eyed individual you will find trees that have been manipulated, transferred locations, broken, bent, twisted and a mix of all and everything in between.

I know, trust me I went through this process, that our brains are QUICK to provide us with many possible explanations, and just one of any of these reasons are usually good enough for one to accept (really it is DENY) the strange occurrence and move on. It is oh so much easier to not have to know about what is REALLY OUT THERE, lurking in the woods that you want to enjoy and explore! For those of us who really stop and think about some of these "tree jobs", we can rather quickly
Watch this in use!
Bigfoot in Colorado, TEETH!
Finding pockets of crystals
Here is an example of our hard work from Nov. 2018 through Aug. 2019. This is only a small sample of what we have done. When we say "everything", it is not literal. This video could have easily been three times longer, but we felt it was enough as is!
Here we show a MEADE Telescope and how we are making good use of this to help prove what is going on in the forests of Colorado.

Rather than using this telescopes scope itself, we attach one of our Canon camera's to the functioning part of this scope. We can then zoom in as far as 260x (Canon Powershot SX60) and pan around the landscape with absolute precision!

The remote control on this telescope allows us to move from 1x normal speed, to 2x (half the speed of 1x). When we are zoomed in very far, the slightest little movement will come out largely exaggerated. Luckily this telescopes motor control is just amazing, and it doesn't stop at 2x! From there you can go to another 5 or 6 steps down (slower and slower), to the point of 64x. Think of it as 64th of an inch. It is so slow in fact, you can not even see movement. It's a big win for our research adding a huge help to our professional zoom abilities.  Why does none of this make sense!?
understand that something is not right. This is the begriming my friend. From here things start to open up for you, and for this reason I refer to it as having your eyes open! You will notice things, not natural things, seemingly all around you out in the woods. Things you may have walked right past 10 times before and saw nothing!
July 14th Hiking & Exploring Colorado, the time we found a print (Bigfoot?). Some still moments, with plenty of crazy mixed in. This video has some pretty interesting editing that many find entertaining. We try to add some joy into the "hunt for Bigfoot".
Check out our Youtube channels as well as RMSO and subscribe to them for all the upcoming action, drama, adventure and RESEARCH on Bigfoot in Colorado and MUCH MORE!
What about these non-fitting puzzle pieces?
Colorado Bigfoot Research
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Here is the thumbnail used for a video where Rockhounding with Bigfoot, of Colorado, finds a cutting board had been moved from the place it was left. After closer examination of the cutting board it is evident that there are actually finger print marks, or finger drag marks, left on the board. This cutting board was left as part of a gifting strategy by Dustin and Greg (Bigfoot Colorado Researchers). On it was a pineapple they had sliced into several pieces. Upon return to this site, not only was the cutting board moved (with a large rock placed on top of it) but all of the pineapple, and other gifts, had been eaten.
Here is a thumbnail that was actually never used on the channel. It was decided that this image of an ape like creature was a little too dramatic. Where we do not see Bigfoot as a Gentle Giant, we also do not advocate that they are beasts in any way, says Dustin with RWB. They ended up using a similar thumbnail where as this creature was depicted at all. This "adventure", or discovery, showed the world how "something" in the woods had eaten oranges (after having peeled them as neatly as anything with a set of hands could). On one of the left over orange peels was a small impression of a bite mark. After some hours of research it was found this bite mark closely resembled what could be a Bigfoot!
What you're looking at here is an actual pocket discovered by Dustin. It all began with rocks, and so it continue with rocks, Dustin tells us. They had been on the search for a pocket of treasures hidden beneath in some, would be, secret Colorado soil! On this day they finally found one. What turned out to be a small hole of darkness, opened up to reveal hundreds of crystals. Most of them, though heavily covered in iron, were intact (not broken).
Viewers of Rockhounding with Bigfoot are treated to not only glorious shots of nature, wildlife and hiking in the Colorado outdoors, but as well the wonderful minerals and amazing geology that Colorado has to offer. Of course on top of all that... is Bigfoot! What about this part of Sasquatch!?
This website is not meant to win any awards. It is created using a CMS (content management system, or software). This means my coding abilities are not needed (CSS, HTML5). This also means the site can't be as dramatic and stunning. We are more than okay with this. This website is not meant to be perfect, it's meant to get across to you the necessary information about what we have learned. We have learned some very interesting things; things that aren't supposed to be, but are!                           
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Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
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