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We have a monetized Youtube channel, Rockhounding with Bigfoot. To say we aren't interested in making any money from our channel, would be a lie. One thing, if nothing else, we are honest! The goal of our channel is two fold, if we are being honest. To make money and to answer questions. How can we just come right out and say we are about making money from our channel? We are not ABOUT making money; to be compensated for our (VASTS amounts) of time spent into the channel is, in at least some ways, necessary! We can spend over eight hours in one day's investigation. Often times this can include up to five cameras. The amount of time spent in editing easily out-shadows the time spent filming in the forests /investigating Bigfoot.
The cameras, the batteries and other equipment we use (drone, FLIR, electronic motorized telescope, Go Pro, recorders, mic set-ups, video editing software, backup outboard hard drives, Trail cams, SD cards...) can really add up. Then there is the gas for each journey up to these Bigfoot habitat areas, the lunches we often bring for ourselves (might do a cookout as part of the video) and the gifts we bring for our friends of the forests, yes BIGFOOT.

Our goal, ever since breaking away from being "Finding Treasure in Colorado" (old Youtube channel name), has been simple -to answer questions! Top Right, you will see the very first Bigfoot Investigation Video we ever did. This would have been Dustin along with Brody from RMSO (Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization). The videos (to the right) go in order from there, older videos to more recent ones.

What questions have we answered? And why is THIS all conflicting?
With over 100 videos now, what exactly have we achieved? Easy - this > Bigfoot like corn. They will eat corn raw as well as cooked. They peel the cob leaves back, just like a human, and they eat the rows of corn, just like a human, leaving behind the empty corn stalk. Bigfoot like apples, peaches and apricots. They will remove the little stickers off such fruit, often leaving the stickers near by where the fruit was found (a gifting location for example). The will bend the sticker in half, or stick them onto something else such as a rock. Bigfoot will eat the entire fruit except for the seeds, just like a human (unlike deer's or a bear). Bigfoot do not like lemons, limes or peppers. This includes sweet pepper and bell peppers. It is not yet clear to us if Bigfoot like Garlic or not. The group of which we have built report with, to bring you these answers, took garlic from us but did not eat it. At the same time they did not give it back to us like they would with items they do not want. For example Bigfoot will lay an item down, a can of tea or a bottle or jar (of whatever would be contents they don't want or trust), or they will place an item face down. This happened with several items in which we took back, having understood the message from them clearly.
Having seen many times now with other researchers how Bigfoot love peanut butter, we brought them a jar of it with other gifts. The first time we did this was the same time we gifted them a pineapple that was hanging above the gifting rock. To see what happened with this pineapple go to this page Bigfoot, mid way down left side ("It wasn't just a cutting board"). The peanut butter was new, unused, but we had removed the film cover from the top of it (underneath the cap, when opening for the first time). We also loosened the lid just slightly. The idea was not only that they could easily open this but also that they might smell what was inside. Well, to our surprise when we came back to check on this, this particular gifting event, the jar was placed side down. This is what they do when they want us to take something back. I thought to myself they must just not trust this jar. I knew in my heart they would love peanut butter if they would just try it. So, we took back this pineapple hanging above the gifting rock, and instead hung the peanut butter there. This time though we removed the lid completely from the jar of peanut butter. We left the area and again came back, sure enough this time the jar was gone! We searched the area and found no sign of it. As the passing days turned to weeks, of further research, we would always have that jar of peanut butter in the back of our minds. We still have not found it! We assume it is probably in the same place as our marbles, gifted to them. Bigfoot like marbles!

What is unclear.
With all the questions we have answered, as meaningless as some of them may seem, there are a few things, like the garlic, that are not yet clear to us. Carrots would be one such thing. We gifted them carrots one time, I believe it was just one single large carrot, and it was half way eaten. It was not tossed away from the area like the bell pepper was, and it did not have just one bite out of it. It had enough bites from it, that had it been a human we would say it was around 5 bites. We don't know if adult Bigfoot are eating the gifts or if these are something they keep especially for the kiddos for example (juvenile Bigfoot). We have been blessed enough several times to be able to actually see bite marks from such things like banana peels and orange peels. So much so that one time we were able to match up the rows of teeth. Not to our surprise they did not match a human at all. And they did match what is shown in the image below.
Bigfoot bite mark
Bigfoot have the control!
Once refered to as "tricksters" and "The Game Keepers" by Native Americans, Bigfoot seem to always be in complete control of not only the woods, but as well anyone who goes into them! We never know, when returning to our investigation areas (also known as Bigfoot Habitat Area) what we will find. Seomtimes they have done nothing at all. As much of a let down as that is, it's also good data. It shows us they either don't need our gifts or they are not always in the area. As many questions as we have answered, we have many more. We assume they cover a large area in a particular forest, maybe as large as 50 acres (of actual home territory), and possibly roam areas consistent to them much larger. This might explain why when we return to our gifting we sometimes see nothing has transpired. Maybe they only come through that area every couple of days, or more! Maybe it is just a control thingt too - we just don't know yet!
When we think we've identified a charactierstic, even in the way they manipulate the lane around them, we are often dumbfounded some time later. That's why some of these answers we provide to you are seamingly odd, or possibly not that important. They are the facts and to this day the actual facts around Bigfoot are far and few ( in context of supporting evidence).
It's not just about the Youtube Videos. We have shown time &
time again how we will do just
about whatever it takes to get
answers. Yes we want to stand out from the rest of the Bigfoot researchers, but being different is also who we are. Crazy and new ideas is just one way we let our creative energy thrive. This bucket and drum is a perfect example. Both were crafted via things from around the house & office. The drum was loud and effective. In the video you can hear as it echo's through the valley. This would surly stir the curiosity of any Bigfoot in the area. The camera being wrapped in foil was an idea to stop whatever it was from showing, that the Bigfoot are picking up on (from cameras)!
What else have we answered with our videos?
Why videos? Because the people's hunger for adventure and answers around these awesome creatures, as well as a lot of the feed back and commentary we receive from our viewers, has become a key driving force for us to keep pushing even when we feel like giving up!

Anyway, here is more - they do like bananas. They will peel them and eat them just like a human and very much NOT LIKE any ape species. Bigfoot is NOT a North American Ape. Not all Bigfoot groups will work with you. We have at least two groups we have been habituating. One of them is near the South Platte River, close to Deckers and Sedalia, Colorado. This group will not take anything from us! It's a very unbecoming feeling in fact. We tried several attempts until giving up with this group. Bananas would go black sitting for days and then weeks. Apples, oranges, nuts, everything would just sit and go to waste. Where as the other area, known in our videos as the habitat spot (coined By Brody with RMSO), our gifts are always accepted (though sometimes it may take a day or two, or three, for them to end up missing, as noted above). How then do we know Bigfoot are even in the area of the South Platte region we investigate? Well this is one of the places it all began. We have, what is thought to be, a large voculization on video. Dustin was roared at by something one day when gold panning alone at the river in this now well known Bigfoot spot. We have a very weird tree shelter built in exactly this area as well, on the other side of the river (opposite of the dirt road in, and parking lot area). This "shelter" or blind, whatever it is, has branches as far as nine feet up in the area, stuck in other branches or hanging off limbs, clearly being placed there. Many of them are broken on both ends (pretty hard to explain). Then there are bones sitting on the ground inside this shelter, one of which is a broken deer leg!
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Why are these ideas conflicting with each other? They come from
credible people who have no reason to lie.

One possible answer is that Bigfoot is not just Bigfoot!

We may be dealing with many different races
of Bigfoot;
could this be possible!!?

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Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
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