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Bigfoot of Colorado!
And Rockhounding in our wonderful state
Watch this in use!
A true TRIFECTA of FU*KERY here boys and girls!

We find some new and very compelling evidence of Bigfoot activity in our areas. Many clues, and even proof, of Bigfoot can be found if you just open your eyes!
Can we get you any better proof than this? YES!! We can. This is just one of many examples of what Bigfoot do in the woods of Colorado. Why do they do this? That is up for debate by many researchers.

We think Bigfoot do this for reasons as obvious as marking their territories, to ideas as complex as marking locations or even giving directions to different things not yet known to us human sapiens!

Trees of all sorts and sizes are used by Bigfoot. When you are in one of their active areas, this is something you should be looking for. Many Bigfoot enthusiast come to a point when they need more... They start to find these tree structures boring. For us however we see each one as unique and even much like a work of art.

Every tree job tells a story. And if you really think about it, Bigfoot hands and minds were right here on these trees! It's incredible really
The face of Bigfoot, with a self illuminating eye, if not then what? Tell me!

Did this get the attention it deserved the first time? This is a self illuminating light source on a black figure that is 8 to 9' tall partly hidden behind a tree, watching us as we walk by in front of it.

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Colorado Bigfoot Research
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Proof - what proof?

We have Bigfoot's eye on video. How can we make such a bold claim? Easy! We went out at night into a newly discovered Bigfoot habitat with RMSO's Brody, a vetted Bigfoot researcher. We hiked back into the bush until we smelt Bigfoot (do Bigfoot "smell", not necessarily, they can admit an odor - a pheromone as a warning and/or defense mechanism).  It was letting us know it was there, as well possibly saying okay guys I am stressed out now.

We had guns and flashlights with us. The three of us started to feel sick and disoriented. In this same time the camera captured something amazing! A white oblong shape seen opening and closing at 8 to eight and a half feet tall. There is no explanation at all on all of planet Earth for what this "light" could be, other than the large eye of a Bigfoot. He /she was hiding behind a tree watching us from VERY close (roughly 4 feet away). Impossible you might think - THINK AGAIN!

Proof of Bigfoot you say?

Yes, we do say this. After understanding what it was we were dealing with, we literally began to DEAL WITH IT. We would leave gifts in these suspected hot spot areas and come back the following day/s to check on them.

One instance we left a pineapple, with the sides of it sliced open and left, sitting out on a wooden (clean) cutting board. With this we left apples that still had the little stickers on them (from the store, for checkout). When we returned to this site, we found stickers removed from the apples and placed nearby (in a dig hole we had been digging crystals from). One of the stickers was folded in half, into itself. The apples were gone! And the cutting board was moved into this dig hole as well, which was about three feet away from where we had left it. Moreover than it being moved, it also had a large rock placed on top of it. AND MOREOVER to our armament we had what looked like finger print trail marks in dirt, on the cutting board. The pineapple was completely gone except for the top of it (the hard prickly leaves that grow out on the top). 
                           BIGFOOT PROOF by GIFTING
Bigfoot roar - proof?
Bigfoot gifting
Proof of Bigfoot in the woods
The first time we found this face on the boulder, we actually stopped walking towards it in anticipation of a possible Bigfoot ambush! That's how convincing this looked. Imagine you're walking in a now proven Bigfoot Habitat area, being well aware of what's out in these woods, and you look over to your far left and see this staring back at you.

Sure it was frozen still, and why not? Maybe this is a juvenile Bigfoot who know's his cover has just been blown and is now instinctively frozen, thinking we wont spot it. Well a follow up investigation to the area showed us this was the blunt end of a tree that had been broken and placed up onto this boulder at the perfect angle as to not see the tree. This faced towards a path and/or game trail so perfectly that it seemed to have been done on purpose.

Not only the way it faced to the path and the angle at which it was placed to hide the tree end behind it, but look at it! There is an arched head which also looks like it could be hair, we have a clear set of eyes, a nose and a mouth. We even had a perfect face and head shape that seems to be outlined with a darker shading, such as hair surrounding it. The sheer amount of coincidences here lead us to believe this was done on purpose. Now imagine that! A creature so intelligent as to make all of this happen? That is what you are dealing with!
How can Bigfoot travel around undetected for so long?

    Why are there so few tracks found, and often times just one single track?

Now you are asking the right questions! And to which we might have some answers for you. Bigfoot have long been curious about people, you can even say Bigfoot are People Watchers. Well, be that as it may then Bigfoot would know people can not only be crazy, irrational and dumb witted, but also out-right DANGEROUS!

If you were living in the woods, one generation of your
father who's father's father lived here (in the woods) and
so on and so forth, you may have distant stories past down
and even memories of your own; now long gone travelers
who came to these wilds in search of you, and whom tried
eagerly to hunt you down and took shots at you... I would
think that alone is reason enough to hide! Now lets add in
the fact that Bigfoot DNA is human DNA (with a few slight
modifications of course). These creatures are smart. They
know people will track them down if given the opportunity,
this they conceal tracks (by dragging trees to cover their
traces) as well as just not to leave them to begin with.

You must realize these woods, the forests of Colorado, are
their permanent homes. Even if you're as experienced as
Steve with How to Hunt dot com ( you
still do not have the in depth knowledge and understanding of the woods like Bigfoot (Sasquatch) do, not even close in fact. As Steve
himself would say, "we (people) are out classed by them 500%". They know to step near the base of a tree. This not only leaves no print but also helps them maintain cover while moving about. They will step on logs and fallen trees. They will step on boulders, rocks and hard ground. If you try to make a path with this sort of necessary travel in mind, you are sure to come to a point at which you have no good options. Well there you go - this is why we will often see just a single print.
Check out this video to hear what could be the roar of a real live Sasquatch captured on video.
Late summer of 2018, Dustin of the Youtube
channel "Finding Treasure in Colorado" was
eploring a vein of Fluorite in some bedrock when his dog ran for cover, and hide under his truck.
If you're into Bigfoot, you must have a reason
Rockhounding with Bigfoot (central Colorado),
has a reason all right, and like most people who get into this field, it all started with an encounter.

The ROCKHOUND SITE is unique in that the very thing that brought Bigfoot into the lime light for them, is still a passion they pursue today.

Digging for minerals, learning about Geology, finding crystals and pockets and even Gold in the outback of Colorado is how it all started for RWB. Today you can still watch as they post videos of  these discoveries.

For many people, Bigfoot has terrified them and it has ruined something they once loved to do. Researching Bigfoot, and trying to get encounters to happen, is not for everyone. Even the idea of such a creature wild in the woods is enough to keep some people away.
Colorado Bigfoot Research Videos
What more proof do we need?

Unfortunately a lot more! Right? Do you think we will ever have solid evidence of such a creature? Well, if history tells us anything then the answer would be no. Bigfoot seem to have an allure about them that keeps them one (HUGE) step ahead of us people. We have thousands of reports, sightings, sounds in the night heard, tree structures and rock stacks documented and on video! But it's true it's not enough. We need a Bigfoot to finally break the veil of secrecy and step out of the shadows. This is literally what RWB and Bigfoot of Colorado (Youtube) are working on. They understand you can't trick these things. And our cameras seem to be like neon signs to them, saying hey come here to have your soul captured forever! RWB is working on actually asking Bigfoot to work with them, to be on film, and to communicate with them.
Sorry but what ANIMAL can carve a stick!?
I don't make guarantees, but I guarantee you no person did this! We are in the middle of a top secret location in the forests of Colorado. No one but us knows when we go here, it is random and we change things up every single time! How did a large stick then end up on top of our fort, and it is carved in the center, though crudely, like a walking stick!
Speaking of stick...
What animal removes the stickers from fruit before eating it? None other than us, human, and we aren't animals, just like Bigfoot is not an animal. Do the research and you will actually find that DNA tests have been run on Bigfoot, and guess what, the DNA is human!!

We purposely left stickers on apples that we gifted. The first time we did this was actually an accident. We were removing the stickers but when we came back a few days after gifting, we were surprised to see two stickers from the apples, left inside of our then dig hole. We had accidentally missed two of the dozen or so apples we had left. Some of the best things happen from the unplanned things. This was indeed one of them. The importance of such a discovery didn't hit us then, in real life. Over the next few days, and after the release of this finding in our video, we began to realize how cool this really was. Here we had proof yet again, that something with hands had to have removed the little stickers on the apples. They not only removed them
but folded one of them in half, and then placed both of them in the dig site along with a completely cleaned peach seed (the fruit of which was all eaten clean around the seed, just like a person would do), and corn husks that had been eaten. This dig site was next to the then gifting area. Our Bigfoot were communicating with us. They would leave the items here in this hole that they wanted us to take back. This would become more and more evident over time.

So here we have something with hands,
and brains to be doing the things that we were seeing. And again I can't stress to you enough how no person could possibly know where and WHEN we were. Still, a person would have to have eaten raw corn, left muddy hand /finger smudge marks on our cutting board, eaten a peach on site and left the seed, cut a walking stick type branch on site with what looked like no tools (if you watch the video you will see what we mean, we also found the area the stick was carved, about 20 feet away).
Bigfoot funny picture
Colorado Hunter Joke
A little Bigfoot humor ahe mate!
Bigfoot doesn't Gold Pan, but we do!
We love to hear from our viewers!
The above image was sent in to us from a viewer. It was taken from one of our videos where we were doing one of our site inspections, gifting and over all investigation of our number one Bigfoot Habitat location, COLORADO, late summer 2019. There are several things that can happen with images of Bigfoot. Yes they can be blurry, IMAGINE THAT. The joke about how Bigfoot is blurry, you know there is a degree of truth to that. Blurry is out of focus after all, not quite in site. Bigfoot can cloak, that is they can go UNSEEN to the human eye. There is no beating around the bush, this is something they can do. It is possible to have a Bigfoot in a picture, and not even know it. In fact, it's probably happened hundreds of times. Then we have the images where Bigfoot allowed itself to be seen and in the picture, the occasional mistake which is usually (if not always) made by the younger Bigfoot. And then there is a Pareidolia. You can read all about THAT on plenty of other websites. It is when the brain is seeing something that is not really there - usually a face (created from whatever, shadows, etc).
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
More Sasquatch evidence