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Dixie Cryptid, this is NOT a referral!
What is the point of a Bigfoot video? You would think it is to show a Bigfoot in a video, or to at least show OF Bigfoot, maybe explain what you are finding that is done by Bigfoot and share information. For some people though it seems to just be about money and views! And this is just the world we live in. To be upset about it, is going to do nothing. So no one can stop Dixie Cryptid from making up his stories and sharing them with the world, having little if any note at all about the stories being fake... And, we should not let it upset us. But for whetever it's worth I want to point out these types of channels should be separated into their own space and time. But there not! If one goes onto Youtube and searches Bigfoot evidence, Bigfoot news, etc.. You will likely get down to earth research and honest hard working investigative videos. Even documentaries (though not everyone seems to understand what this word SHOULD represent, again with the VIEWS views views....). Anyway, fabricated stories that are posted solely to line the pockets of their creator should be kept away from the rest. Their not! So pay attention to what you are watching. And it sucks to have to do this, but now we must do our research ABOUT DOING OUR RESEARCH on Bigfoot and whom /where it is we are getting that research from. So watcher beware - Dixie Cryptid creates fake stories. Much like FAKE NEWS, its curious how he is even allowed to carry on with this hog-wash, but I digress.
Back to Bigfoot Basics!
Getting back on topic, we strive to include interesting things in every video that we are sure in our hearts were done by Bigfoot. This is bound to include the trees yes. Some people get so worked up about the trees. They thnk they have so much experience in the woods and/or in tree removel, or whatever, that it's an insult to them to say all these things have been going on and you never knew it. Really though, until your eyes have been opened to what's going on, then you're not to blame. I didn't see any of the Bigfoot Madness going on all around me until I started to do research. Once RMSO took me out and showed me the things that had been there the ehtire time, I really was blown away. The trees are Bigfoot Basics! You will see tree manipulations in all areas with Bigfoot. It has always been astonishing to me how so amny of these structures are so identical. The way they will break the trees, the way they will twist and bend, the heights and the distances of what they use, it all matches so closley that it's lead me to believe some of this must be insticual to them. How does a baby deer know to grow spots to help it hide in the grass? It doesnt, it's just built into what they are!

When we show the tree structures, we try to get different angles. I also move the camera around it, up and down, and sometimes sideways (depending on what's going on with the structure), to really give the viewer a good idea of what we are seeing. Sometimes it's very hard to see how one tree branch has been pushed through one tree, then around another, to the outside of another, then to the inside of yet another, moving the camera about helps to hsow what we are seeig in real life. A viewer once suggested we use a tape measure to show the tree work. This was a great idea and something we have totally forgotten to do every time!

Over on this page (weird answers), we explore one of the most puzzling pieces of this entire Bigfoot Topic, that doesn't seem to fit at all. Now I bet you're thinking how they can go undetected from every ounce of technology humans produce; Transistors becoming smaller and smaller and even smaller every three years for decades in a row! We have the capabilities of Aliens these days. So is the fact we can't get any consistent photos or videos baffling to me? Not really... if nothing else, Bigfoot are masters at hiding. They are not animals, there for it is not astonishing. If deer were to suddenly leave signs every where and continue to eat gardens, but yet were no longer able to be seen, that would be very odd indeed! Bigfoot though, it's what they do and have always done.

For me one of the single largest pieces of evidence of the existence of Bigfoot, with us here on Earth, are the sheer amount of sightings and reports with the impossible number of consistent details. Matching pieces of information from everything, large or small comes in from people every year whom are not connected in any other way (than having some Bigfoot encounter). If a skeptic really wanted to stop hiding behind the walls of Bigfoot Myth, and find out the truth, they should start with the reports from their brothers and sisters (as the Bigfoot, as well as the Bible, would say; "we are all connected"). Why, and moreover HOW could so many people be lying and how would they all know to have the exact details from the height, size of eyes, shapes of the foot, hair color, personality traits and the habits of these creatures; from rock throwing to rock stacking, tree manipulating and tree breaking! All of this alone, is proof for anyone who has the brain capacity to accept it, and really think on it!

I don't have as many weird answers for you as I do questions concerning different answers coming from different people, that seem to conflict greatly with each other. This has to do with some very indepth Bigfoot research and nothing to do with the traits and evidence as aformentioned above, that Bigfoot provide to us (willingly or otherwise).
In front of the Toyota!
You might notice something on the camera in the image above, where we are standing and filming out in front of the black Toyota truck. This is another cost-nothing-modification! This one was two fold, and really hits home to something deep from the Bigfoot World! It is a sun shade, and again it's just made from a recycled plastic bottle. Both our cameras today have similar sunshades on them. They are not shiny and black, they will not win any awards for design and they don't even look good. Embarrassing even! Do we care...not at all, because they cost me nothing and once again improve the quality of our video. This time I would say the improvement is around 10%. Because we try not to film into the sun to begin with.

Okay, so what's so Bigfoot'ish about it?
Well, get ready for this... the sunshade used in several videos, as seen in the image above, in front of the Toy Yoda, is also covered in foil! Yes that's right, this is right up the same alley as us crazy guys wearing foil hats. And why not? If you knew what we knew about Bigfoot you might be wearing a full foil helmet! Our cameras, moreover our videos, were constantly being messed with. We would not typically notice things on location, but back when doing editing and reviewing footage, we would find all sorts of really weird things that we know we didn't do. The foil was an attempt to block out somehow, someway, of whatever it was that was messing with our cameras sensitive inside parts. Did it work? Well, who's to know really. I do know we also covered a bucket in foil, 100% covered in two layers of foil, top to bottom inside and out, with a fully foil covered lid! We then had a little hole where a camera sat firmly up against it, with it's lens up to the hole. We left this filming in Bigfoot hot spots on two separate occasions. It did not capture anything. This doesn't mean it didn't work. For all we know this is the Golden Ticket! This might actually stop the frequency, RF signals, radar, rads, UF, infrared...WHATEVER that it is the Bigfoot are so easily picking up on, and then avoiding. What's needed is many many more attempts with this idea. Something that we just have not gotten around to yet. We have been so busy with so many other ideas, but this really should be pulled from the back burner and put back into practice!
The music we chose for our videos,
Understanding the audio is just as important to videos as the video itself, one should pay a great deal of time in chosing songs and sound effects. To cut back on this time we have found the following website very helpful -, as in Free to use. This site is not a catch-all of free to use song choices, but rather a great collection of some of the very best Copyright Free music availble. More than that, it is also FREE. That's right, the songs are free to use in that they are copyright free, but the downloads are also free and have no limitations, no background audio stamps... just high quality amazing music that you can use to enhance your videos. Give credit to the person and/or band in the video (however).

                          Here are the ones we love (in order of the amount of hugs and kisses we give them)
  • Dizaro
  • Dayfox
  • Ghostrifter
  • Ikson
  • Liqwyd
  • KSMK

Other's we use though not as much, or artists whom only have a song or two available (honerable mentions from us), Vlad Gluschenko, Carl Storm, Peyruis, Scott Buckley and Markvard. Some other artists remain that are heard in some of our older videos, we no longer have a file with these tracks, as they were lost with a computer crash in early 2019. Here is a link to this FREE TO USE website.
Here is a real nice way of saying WE ARE FAKE!
"We tell stories about Bigfoot and other Cryptids. Some of what you hear will be true. Some will be inspired by true events." Where is the honor? That is the quote taken from the Dixie Cryptid channel. It's like putting a USA sticker on a product and in tiny writting underneath it says assembled in the USA. Right, China produced 100% of the product (including the packaging folks), then sent it to the distributor in the states in twi pieces so they could connect them and then slap a USA sticker on it. Why? Money, that's it. They don't care about much else guys, it's all about money for them!

Rockhounding with Bigfoot, and the many others.
With the amount of evidence we have shown, and the things we have gotten on video, sometimes it seems like sheer luck, it's actually a wonder that we don't get called scammers more than we do; which is very little. Maybe one or two comments a month. There is one thing we can do about this. We can keep everything in our videos REAL and HONEST. The world is going to have those whom want to go after you or poke fun at you no matter what you do. All that matters is that you are creating something that is a mixture of the following (what a good video should have):

  • If you can, make it exciting, in the least make it entertaining

  • Keep it honest, if you present something as an idea (or fake), state that IN THE VIDEO

  • Make it interesting, and if you can, VERY interesting. Keep your viewers thinking and when you can use for-shadowing, a way in which your viewers will be thinking in progression with where the video is taking them next.

  • Audio is just as important as the video. Unless you're Eminem, you need your video work to be as good as your audio. Your audio should match. Not just the mood or the setting, but the sounds in a song for example, should literally match things happening in the video. Such as a jolt or a transition, a zoom in or a quick pan around. Sound effects will be noticed in a big way by your audience.

  • The video (your filming) should be easy to watch. Minimum shaking and spinning of the camera.

  • Consider voice overs instead of text /font on the screen

  • B-Roll. B roll is extra footage that you might not know at the time of filming where it will be used. It is also footage that if used, you know exactly where, for example multiple angles of the same time. If your filming an interview, you would have camera A, the main shot, then have one or two cameras for B roll. These extra cameras can be filming in short pieces randomly, or the entire time, but would be from a very different vantage point than A camera.

  • Quality vs. Quantity. This can be hard to commit to on Youtube. Especially when you have a fan base excited about each video you put out. But try to stay focused and only publish a video when you have spent all the time you possibly can on it. This means editing, reviewing, and then doing it all over again! Really, for real! When your done, watch it and take notes and then FIX IT. Make it even better!

Also people like to laugh. This isn't something that will fit into every video, and shouldn't, but probably around 75% of all videos out there could use a dash of comedic relief. Even a serious moment, can be broken up with a bit of humor. Out takes and mistakes can sometimes end up being some of your best pieces for creating laughs. While we're at it, it's worth mentioning to push the envelope! This can be hard once you've established a large Subscriber base. You will often wonder, "if I do this, will I lose my subs"? I really think that if you start to think this way, and your videos start to BECOME this way, you wont grow as much as if you just be you. Like many things in life, if you don't care about it, it will likely take off. VS. you are so worried about what everyone thinks, and the comments you get from a video, that you start to not be yourself. Break away from this if you find yourself stuck in it. Most likely you will find a largely positive response from your audience.

Make a list,
It's a lot easier said than done to remember all the things you should do, and want to do when out in the field. It took us dozens of videos until we could start to really improve on our camera work. When you are out in the woods, your not thinking about B-roll and camera angles. Even holding the camera study and not shaking or spinning around, turning too quickly, all these things seem to take time to set in. It's so easy to say to someone, this footage is terrible, can't you hold the camera study? You have to consider the terrain is often very difficult as well you senses are on, you're listening to every sound and focusing on every movement around you. I guess in a way you are instinctively in a bit of survival mode. So to also BE the film crew, is hard. We made a list of things to do and not do, and took it with us every time we went out. One list actually was a check list, because it's very easy to forget something when you have so much to think about. Like a tape measure to measure trees, unless you've created a neurological pathway in your brain by means of repetitive pattern, something you bring every time, then it's almost impossible to remember - UNLESS you make a list and USE IT!

  What's on our list? (we have several)
   This is a sort of catch all list we keep - From top to bottom:

"Go pro in hand will ruin sound!"
"Campfire (smell will travel far)"
"Collect and keep the items we find in videos (marble, hair etc)"
"Person in front should be the one filming"
"Don't aim gimbel on camera straight out when high up (goes dark)"
"Remember to pan SUPER SLOW and use Tripod for zoom"
"Do more B-roll!! Use Go-Pro lots and lots of short clips"
"Use a green or blue sheet out in the field (to make a cloak, lumaKey)"
"Don't be lazy, get the drone up, even more B-roll!!"
"Bring Kyah more (my dog)"
"Do more moments of still and silence"
"Bring drywall mud (gypsum a.k.a. plaster of Paris)"
"Work on cave (to show progress of this over time)"
"If using a phone as backup for video, cotton the mic!"

Some quick tips for good video!
I can't stress enough to have B-roll, and MORE B-roll. You can even use your phone, or a cheap twenty dollar dash camera to get a few extra angles. These little details add SOOO much to your film. It's what all the pros do, even Hollywood! Bring a roll of duct tape, and a roll of electrical tape. Also those little rubber bendy bands that the hardware store sells; all of this will come in super handy for those awesome B-roll shots. We've pulled over from driving, quickly taped one of the cameras to the hood of the truck, and then drove. Just 15 seconds of this is all it takes! Your viewers will recognize this extra effort every time!!
Don't spend $$$!
I mean, if looking professional is important to you then that's you. But if HAVING professional footage is more important, then save that money for the things you can't make yourself. Two of the main cameras we use (Canon sx540 and the sx60) both have two things on them that make our videos at least 40% better, and that's huge! One is an adapter over the microphone on top. Yes the camera's have an option for an outboard mic set up. Do you know what that means? An extra set of hands or another thing to worry about. Instead we created a type of parabolic mic set up on top of the camera, over the mic. You can see a video demonstrating this below, it really REALLY works. Not only does this block out wind (because of the cotton over the mic near the center and inside of the set up, but also blocks out our
breathing. As in the sound of breath in and out as the person filming is also walking or hiking. See this might not be a concern for you, and for you, you might need something different. I bet you can still create it using the same types of materials. The main part, for both cameras, is the reminents of a plastic bottle cut into the shape best suited for the application. Cotton was then attached to the outside of this plastic, and this is the big reason that the sound of our breathing is so well blocked out (see an example of this in the video below).
I bet you didn't know,
I bet you didn't know Rockhounding with Bigfoot! (Youtube channel and the basis for all the information gathered here-in), started out as Finding Treasure in Colorado. Okay, if you knew that, I bet you didn't know that even before that the channel was focused on creating videos around ideas and inventions!

Boy, we really got side tracked somewhere along the way you might be thinking. Well, that's not entirely wrong. Part of the ideas and inventions were based on finding cool rocks and gold out about in Colorado. The channel was a mix of finding treasures such as tangible things, lost and found, and treasures in the way of family time and wonderful new ideas to help improve the world. Youtube is a very funny place! You can literally have a life changing idea, free for anyone to use, and even demonstrated in a very well edited and put together video, and you will likely hear crickets chirping.
But create a video of yourself playing some stupid game, such as Minecraft, from your COUCH, and get millions of views along with millions of subscribers. I can't explain it and honestly it makes me thing there is some controlling force behind such idocracy. But I long ago decided to stop caring about such things for which I can't fix. Anyway, as I (Dustin) was out exploring, and sometimes even testing my ideas, is when I had two different encounters that changed the channel's focus forever (but hey, no you know where some of these crazy things come from, that you see in our videos, not only the modifications to cameras and foily tricks, but the things we do to illicit a response from our ever curious and ever HIDDEN friends of the forest).
So, you've had some success with views on Youtube, can you tell me this then?

No, actually no we can't! -why do some videos seem to explode with views, when others that are actually far better just sit and rot away?
See, like I said, I don't know. This video to the left was the first video our channel had success with. It was not about Bigfoot, and it didn't even have any really great discoveries in it. Just me, Dustin, digging in the dirt with several voice overs of what I was finding as I went along.
There has been one thought in the back of my mind about this video, if I'm honest; the beginning. In the very beginning of this video you will see me wearing a shirt on my head (which looks like a towel), and I am doing this thumbs up or thumbs down type thing, as I am sort of tossing this shirt on my head as if I had long hair.  So what? Okay, so this; I know these little things line up pretty well with "The Agenda".
And just like that you are now one of two people. You know EXACTLY what I am talking about and you probably agree that yes this could make sense and explain, with at least some degree, the popularity of this video - or you think I just mentioned something that falls under the realm of Conspiracy Theory, and you might even think I am a little "off". Well I can ASURE you I am a little off (honestly we all are, in our own ways), however in all seriousness I can GUARANTEE you that such things are real and the term itslef Conspiracy Theory is a carfully orchastrated phrase to make you think, just that - THEORY (as in not real and/or with no proof). So then you say to yourself, why don't you then do these little things with more videos and test this idea out? Unfortunatley the ones pulling the strings have thought of just about everything well before it ever entered your brain. And it's just not as easy as that. They can only let bits and pieces of "things" to be pushed only so far, and only so much. If you want to know more about what I am getting at here please contact me - the FaceBook group is one of the best ways to reach us - Rockhounding with Bigfoot.
If you're serious, do this one thing!

That sounds like one of those stupid ridiculous ads we are all bombarded with online. Sorry! But really, adding drone footage to your video will show your viewers your serious. This is one place you don't want to cheap out. If you are considering buying a drone for a hundred bucks, you would be better off waiting. See if you can find a used, or refurbished DJI spark. The Spark is only 300$ new (not including the remote), so to get one used you may be able to find a great deal. But trust me on this, those drones you can find new for 100 bucks, or maybe even 200$, are only going to cause you a headache, a waste of time, and most likely will not bring value to your videos. You need the drone shots to be smooth, stable, and a minimum of 1080p.

                                                          -DJI SPARK for the win!
Youtube claims you can use other people's videos under the fair use act. More or less meaning as long as you are using the video in some sort of New's fashion, you are using it to teach or to make a point about something. I have used little portions of high-dollar movie production films and not had any problem. The lines do become blurred however and it's best to keep the clips to a miniumum. We used a portion in a video teaching about Lichen from a documentary about Life, with the host Will Smith. Though this fell under the guidelines clearly of Fair Use, we were pinged for it. Our video in it's entirely was allowed, and it was even allowed to stay monatized. The problem? Any revenue from this video went direclty to the producers of the Will Smith's video, lol. I did not argue this, though I felt cheated for sure. Now when it comes to music, the lines are clear and very strict!
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
More Sasquatch evidence