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Rockhounding a wonderful state - Colorado!
One example of the many sounds we get when investigating the Bigfoot of Colorado.  This one is unique as it was captured on two cameras.

What is Bigfoot?
As of this day in age, that is an excellent question. Back when Mnt. Saint Helens erupted, there were whistle blowers who came out and said they helped the US Military with aid to the local Bigfoot who were victims of the massive eruption. They claimed they were told to keep their mouths shut, and that one day, in about 30 years (quote) they would have their answer and would also not need to keep quiet any longer. Well, it's been well past 30 years and here we are! No closer to answering the question/s of Bigfoot with facts and scientifically proven research. In spite of this however, for those who want to know the truth, it is out there - waiting! I don't mean "the truth is out there", in the universe somewhere; I mean we have our answers, if you can accept them. Youtube is an excellent place to start. You will find a lot of the exact same things being reported across the board. From people who are not connected in any way whatsoever! What are these details about Bigfoot then, what is Bigfoot?

They are big, obviously, right? They stand on average eight foot tall, with reports of heights up to a staggering 11 foot! There eyes have the capabilities much like that of an owl. Night vision more or less. They don't stink (this is a misconception). But they CAN stink, very bad. This is likely a defense mechanism, possibly only capable from an adult male. Most of them are covered in black fur and have gray skin. There are plenty of reports however; they can be brown and even white (covered in hair). Their feet are large indeed, with evidence showing us sizes as large as 21 inches long (24 inches would be two feet long, can you imagine that!!!). The foot is flat and has a bend in the middle -mid tarsal break. They do not have much of a neck, if at all. The head is large (in

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Bigfoot in Colorado, TEETH!
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Has life with Bigfoot become normal?
"In 2014 I had logging done on my farm and ever since I have had strange things happen that I couldn't explain. I am now 99% convinced  that I have a Sasquatch troop sharing the land with me. Join me as I explore the foothills of Eastern Kentucky looking for sign of Woodboogers! "

If not animals then what?
Well, again this is a great question. Fortunately we do have these answers. It really is not a matter of opinion or belief. We have a lot of information on these beings. It is however very much up for debate and this is because we have two groups of people. Those who have had an encounter, and the rest of us.

So jumping right into the crazy, here we go!
They have powers even greater than that of their massive size and bulging muscles. They can shut down electronics with ease! They can super impose images onto cameras (camera doesn't need to be on, and it does not need to have film, SD cards work the same). Aside from strong convictions and people's first hand experiences of such things, there is not a lot of proof on this!
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1600 humans go missing in national parks a year on average....cant be found .... yet people 'think' an intelligent upright being should be easily located, funny eh?
New stories, new experiences, never a shortage and much more to come.
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Further Evidence!
Colorado Bigfoot Research
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It wasn't just a cutting board!

We also now have proof of something with hands and brains taking our gifts. One time we left a pineapple hanging on a branch above our gift site. It could not be turned around without completely replacing it. If you turned the face (a cut open side) of this pineapple, it would flip right back around immediately. We tested this! Anyway, we left this thing hanging and went out of the area on a walk for 20 minutes. When we got back, the pineapple, still hanging, was facing the other direction!
They locate quartz hidden in the ground!

We have seen this now more than half a dozen times. They don't seem to dig as a prospector would do, hunting for minerals. But rather they somehow know exactly where to look. We have strong evidence of dig sites created by Bigfoot. These sites are in Bigfoot hot-spots and have tailing piles right next to the hole. This is something that would only be done having had no shovel. Moreover there are no tool marks, and we often will find pieces of wood (trees or branches) that work well as a tool for digging, with a hand hold. 
They are known for that!

Bigfoot are well known for several things; tossing things at unsuspected people, such as rocks, pinecones, sticks /branches, acorns and so on. Usually they do this for sport. They seem to want attention, or want to play the game hide and seek. To which they will always win, and for good reason!

They will do single tree knocks to let you know they are there. It is not just a form of communication to others (other Bigfoot in the area or in their group).
Bigfoot are also known to do odd things with bones, such as placing them in trees or on branches. Broken deer legs is a common sight in Bigfoot areas!
context of their massive size) and sits on huge shoulders. Like wise the build of these beings is impressive to say the least. Extremely large muscles through out the body, more so in the males as would be expected. Their arms are long, usually easily reaching to their knees. They are often not alone, if ever, and are very much family oriented. They have individual names which is just one of many things that sets them apart from an animal. They are NOT animals!
of this little lizard blends in really well with his granite backdrop. Have you ever seen a chameleon? Quite impressive. So are some bugs such as the stick bug, and many many other species that can hide in plain sight. You may think I am getting at how a Bigfoot's hair can change color or make them invisible, but in fact I'm not because such an idea is little less than even a good hypothesis at this day in age. What I find so weird, that is indeed a fact of today's world, is how the Bigfoot have remained so well hidden and yet they are one of the largest "animals" we could possible imagine! Isn't this just so perfect fitting for the crazy universe we live in? Things often times seem to be backwards and other times even ironic, it just seems so perfect to such a weird universe that such a huge creature would also be the most well hidden!
The Government!
Do you think there is a government cover up regarding Bigfoot? No, I don't. I think the US Government is more than capable of fabricating stories and cover up the truth. I think the Men in Black are more-or-less real and I think to be "anyone" in government you need to be a high ranking Freemason.
I also think most conspiracies theories are not theory's at all and are, again, more-or-less, true. So now from a person who believes all this about our government, you might think I would believe the government knows about Bigfoot. Of course they know about Bigfoot! But they are not necessarily covering anything up. The only problem lies with the Bigfoot them selves, or the Sasquatch as some call them. They are so damn illusive and have capabilities far above that of our own, that getting solid or even consistent evidence to support Bigfoot being out in our forests has proven, so far, impossible.  I know for fact the US Government doesn't like to look like a fool.
So imagine then the government comes out and says, okay everyone, we are adding Sasquatch to the endangered species list. Or if they added Sasquatch to the list of wildlife in our park systems, and made this a public thing. possibly even putting back up some of the signs they MAY have had back in the 70's, such as "warning there are Bigfoot in this area". Like how you see signs of a menace bear sometimes in our parks today. The gov. doesn't care much at all about this, they have the taking-over-of-the-world to worry about and the upbringing of the one-world-religion. These things take special attention! Bigfoot is not even a distraction, it's literally nothing to them. So why not say it's real - again, because there is not enough evidence. And if they did, there would be so much criticism and ridicule from not only the general public, but almost every university, science organization and possibly even religious group in the WORLD. So first of all why cause this attention? They don't need to, they stand to gain nothing and it would cost millions of dollars just in the dispute and reply process of the aftermath of such an announcement. There's is no way they would need, or want to do any of this mess... Now if people would suddenly start to get video and photo evidence to go alone with all the sightings, such images like Tod Standing's, and this came in from people all over the country on a consistent basis, then sure, then I could see the gov. getting behind this. Without the supporting evidence, they (the Gov.) have no reason to go and make a mockery of themselves! I think this is it, bottom line. I understand the argument of how Bigfoot could possibly impact state park revenue, and how Bigfoot could cause harm to the fabric of society, and moreover the religious community. But I also think that's life! Things happen. I think if the evidence were there, the gov. would do more harm to themselves than good to then deny it.
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
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