Sasquatch in Colorado
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This is such an awesome structure!
This is such an awesome structure that we were actually accused of making it (as in trying to scam people). Like I have said from the very begriming of this Bigfoot Journey in Colorado, we are more than willing to be photographed by anyone at anytime regarding anything on our channel (including this website now). Why more than willing? Because it would not only help greatly to serve our cause, but it would make a really cool video all in itself too!

This is a great structure. This was found in the summer of 2019 near several other structures. This is directly across the road from where we do our Bigfoot investigations in the Habitat Area (when we don't have to go to the river location). When we are not able to get into this awesome area to work with our seemingly friendly and very intelligent Bigfoot, we are forced to go to the river to do follow up investigations. When this area, pictured below, is covered in over two feet of snow, it is not only extremely difficult to walk, but there is literally no where to park. In fact we got stuck one time just trying to find a spot to turn around. Fortunately when this place is like this, our river location is accessible. And actually it's odd, sometimes the river area is almost warm with the sun out, when it's a damn near blizzard just 10 miles away!
A plethora of Bigfoot Investigation, in an ongoing effort in the Dig for Answers! We try to get a video out to the world every week, and while sometimes we get several out in a week, there are other times we may not have anything out for two weeks. This doesn't mean we have lost interest or have nothing more to report on, in fact we usually have mountains of information and video logs to get out to the channel. We can get backlogged with the amount of editing required to produce quality footage. We very rarely drop a video without spending massive amounts of time in editing. We believe QUALITY is more important than QUANTITY. Youtube can be an odd place however. Most of our competitors (other Bigfoot channels on Youtube) do not spend much time, if any, in editing their videos. Many of the videos lack quality and the attention to care that we strive for. Yet, the amount of subscribers can seem to just soar and soar.

Why Competition and not Partnership with Bigfoot Research?
Bigfoot is a strange thing (yea that's an understatement I know), but really, once you are brought into the world of Bigfoot, often BY THE BIGFOOT themselves (not a choice on your part), things tend to feel overwhelmingly personally! We already have to fact that each channel is competing for views, and wanting to grow through their subscriber base; as if that was not enough, something unique is brought into the mix when it comes to Bigfoot. I can't even place my finger exactly on what it is, but once you have really begin to get the ball turning with your own Bigfoot field work, one tends to become almost obsessed with it. Somewhere in this process a strange sort of jealousy seems to build. Even the best person, if being honest, can attest to this. None the less I (Dustin) continue to watch good Bigfoot investigations (people who AT LEAST take the time and care to edit their work) and I learn a lot from some of these other channels out there. I will often give them a shout out in my own videos. Now it would be nice if they would do the same for me, I don't expect it and I don't do the shout outs so I will gain something in return. The real reason is simple - the constant fight for the truth! If what we have presented to you is not enough, then hey, go check out these other guys too. The evidence should start to become overwhelming for those who can get past the denial that our brains have built up around this subject over time.
Over on this page (weird answers), we explore one of the most puzzling pieces of this entire Bigfoot Topic, that doesn't seem to fit at all. Now I bet you're thinking how they can go undetected from every ounce of technology humans produce; Transistors becoming smaller and smaller and even smaller every three years for decades in a row! We have the capabilities of Aliens these days. So is the fact we can't get any consistent photos or videos baffling to me? Not really... if nothing else, Bigfoot are masters at hiding. They are not animals, there for it is not astonishing. If deer were to suddenly leave signs every where and continue to eat gardens, but yet were no longer able to be seen, that would be very odd indeed! Bigfoot though, it's what they do and have always done.

For me one of the single largest pieces of evidence of the existence of Bigfoot, with us here on Earth, are the sheer amount of sightings and reports with the impossible number of consistent details. Matching pieces of information from everything, large or small comes in from people every year whom are not connected in any other way (than having some Bigfoot encounter). If a skeptic really wanted to stop hiding behind the walls of Bigfoot Myth, and find out the truth, they should start with the reports from their brothers and sisters (as the Bigfoot, as well as the Bible, would say; "we are all connected"). Why, and moreover HOW could so many people be lying and how would they all know to have the exact details from the height, size of eyes, shapes of the foot, hair color, personality traits and the habits of these creatures; from rock throwing to rock stacking, tree manipulating and tree breaking! All of this alone, is proof for anyone who has the brain capacity to accept it, and really think on it!

I don't have as many weird answers for you as I do questions concerning different answers coming from different people, that seem to conflict greatly with each other. This has to do with some very indepth Bigfoot research and nothing to do with the traits and evidence as aformentioned above, that Bigfoot provide to us (willingly or otherwise).
I've long said, some of the best tree structures are some of the simplest ones!
Why? Because they are right in front of you; they don't pose a questions of complicated math vs. time, nature vs. man. In other words it's no question of explaining how this branch, got under that branch, with this tree over here bending under this branch of this tree with all these other.... and so on.

Those are some of the most impressive Bigfoot Structures indeed. But something so simple as in the image above can be better because they pose yet one simple question to anyone who dares try to answer it. How did that part of a tree end up like this? Every simple answer a would-be-skeptic can puke out of his/her mouth, can be easily broken down and picked apart. What it ends up coming down to at the end of the debate is simple; a person had to have put that, that way! To which I would simply say Thank You!

When we, as people, can take the little bit of time required to go through a process of elimnation by facts, we have begun to open our minds to the reality of Bigfoot. Once we come to the conclusion THIS tree manipulation and THAT one, and THAT one and THIS one, had to have been done by a person - we can then look at the bigger picture. Walk out into a forest, almost any forest will do but particularly a National Park; or better something in Eastern Utah, most any wooded area of Colorado, and the entire Pacific North West, and start to look at some of these "tree jobs". If you are up for the challenge then keep walking and keep exploring. In not too long you would be able to find hundreds of these (not questionable ones, not happenstance, but GOOD ones IMPOSSIBLE to be done by Nature Herself). Likewise you will find these creations in areas that are miles, dozens of miles and hundreds of miles away from any path, any park or any road. Is this picture starting to paint itself clearly for you? It should! And it should EASILY lead any reasonable, rational person to the conclusion that okay, SOMETHING is out in the woods doing this, there is no way people can be doing all of these....

And you see, it all starts with something as simple as a tree.
Some good signs of minerals
New area for digging
More proof of the Bigfoot we have habituated in Colorado.
Sabe (Sah'beh) is one of the names given to Bigfoot,
I first heard the name Sabe from Joe of Minnesota Bigfoot. He has done some great work, and has been taught some things by his relatives, Native Americans, which is passes down to us though his work. Some other names, translated, given to the Bigfoot by the Native Americans are; "Tricksters", and "The Game Keepers". These names may not sound very important to the new would be researcher, but if you stick with Bigfoot investigations for any length of time, you should find these names to be peculiarly perfect!

Bigfoot playing games,
Bigfoot and their games surely does not make it any easier to get the consistent evidence of Bigfoot's existence. Another person who has gone to great lengths trying to figure out the secrecy, sorcery, regarding the realm of Bigfoot, is Mark Parra (shown below with his wife Susan).
How is Rockhounding evidence?
It's not! Or is it....
Well, at first when digging in the forests minding my own business (Dustin), I didn't see one tree leaning on another, I didn't see one tree broke in half, I didn't see the bones on the ground, the branches broken on both ends hanging onto the edge of a boulder, I didn't see the litter that was placed into very odd ways (hade to have been done so with hands, and likely a good set of brains matching). No, it's not that all these things began after I realized Bigfoot was there with me. These things had been there the entire time, literally in front of my face and under my nose. After my first encounter (a Bigfoot broke a tree in half about 15 feet away from where I was digging), all these things came to light. Not in that way, no quite. I didn't return to the area for over a year, where I had been digging 9lb smokey quart crystals (fully terminated with no iron covering). After a few attempts back into my dig site, like walking on matches, I was contacted by the RMSO. I in fact had a second encounter, and this was about 10 miles away near the South Platte River. Today I know this is a second Bigfoot group, not related (no-pun intended, maybe they are "related") to the group I had been habituating in our special location. I brought Brody with RMSO into this area, of the tree break. As he began to show me all these signs, his mouth actually dropped. He was more than impressed with the sheer amount of activity and sign in the area. He is actually the one who coined this area, the Habitat Spot.

How is Rockhounding evidence? Well, lets fast fwd. about 7 months of ongoing research in both areas (the river and the Habitat in the woods). We had found and shown the typical sort of evidence; trees placed into tee-pees, structures built on the side of granite boulders, plenty of other amesome tree manipulation jobs, a few footprints, gifts both disapearing from us as well as us being gifted in return, plenty of weird sounds on our videos (in the audio) and some of the most incredible rock stacks yet seen today (these are shown here, below).
Evidence of Sasquatch!
While we believe Sasquatch to be a named coined in the Canadian's turf (Bigfoot in the USA), we still use the name Sasquatch here because some people use this when researching Bigfoot, and we don't want them to miss-out on the mountains of evidence we have compiled. So, evidence of Sasquatch Ahe?  We have footprints, which can be rather odd as they have been known to stop and/or appear from nowhere at all. This is rather easy to understand if you truly knew what these creatures are, easily, capable of. This helps to explain why we can also see only a few footprints, or in many cases even just a single one. We have hair! David Paulides, The Missing 411 actually took part in a large and successful DNA test. I think he actually orchestrated it. Anyway, they used three independent labs in double blind studies, and found out that their Bigfoot hair was an exact match to HUMAN DNA. Where did he get the Bigfoot hair to do this test with,
well ask him, I don't recall but I do know he is more than credible, and for him to even take on something like this, is amazing! He is a very "nuts and bolts" type of person, a retired detective in fact. Shortly after this DNA testing, he sort of fell back a bit from the Bigfoot topic and focused again more on his missing person cases. This is the single best form of evidence we have, and it is very good! Evidence, solid proof! Not a picture which can be easily faked (especially nowadays with Adobe Photoshop (an amazing piece of engineering software I might add)).
As for the footprints, many researchers have them, even dozens of them. We have some amazing pieces of evidence in some of these casts. Do your research a little more, you will see how some of them can not possibly be faked, as proven by several masters of their work.

This video is just one of many done by these masters (PHD's) of their work in this field:

One story (a true story) that really stuck with me, shared by Mark is as such; Denver Broncos, a few years back, had won the super bowl. Mark, at this time, was well into his research of Bigfoot and he had been gifting with them for some time. In correlation of Colorado's victorious football game, Mark gifted a football to either his Bigfoot, or family of Bigfoot's (likely in the Pike National Forest area).
Some weeks later while investigating his typical Bigfoot research areas, Mark saw a Bigfoot out in the woods. This is not the big deal. The big deal was what this Bigfoot had on it's head. No it wasn't balancing a football, rather it had torn the ball apart and was wearing it like a hat!

Now as nice as it would be to have a photo, or better video, of this amazing sight, the irony is that if a camera was on and pointed in that direction then Mark may have never gotten to see his football's fait that day. This is just one of the sad truths about Bigfoot. And is likewise why one of the many things Rockhounding With Bigfoot is so focused on, is actually ASKING the Bigfoot to reveal themselves! You can try to trick them... that's it. End of statement. You can TRY.
This is "The Hut", the second rock stack of it's kind we discovered. Interestingly this hut is at our river location. Where as our first incredible Bigfoot rock stack like this (created with dozens of pieces of flat granite) was found in our Habitat Spot! Is was thought these two separate locations are occupied with two different Bigfoot groups. One of the strong compelling arguments for this theory is gifting! We can leave gifts of all sorts in different ways and in different areas at "the river". Not only do the gifts not disappear, but we can go back week after week as they rot away! As if no other animals are allowed to touch them, but at the same time the Bigfoot will not take them.
When we leave gifts, again different areas and of all sorts of different types, at the other location, they always disappear. Sometimes the gifts will sit for a day or two, but never any more than three days (Habitat Location). This has lead us to one theory, that the Bigfoot do not always come around to the same spot of the woods. Maybe they are checking out the area of our investigations only every two or three days. With that said, we have gone back in the morning, after gifting the NIGHT before, and the gifts were gone (of course this could of been coincidental, lucky, timing).
When hovering over the image above, notice the location of this "fire pit" / "Hut", stone structure. There is no level ground for a tent to be nearby this would-be fire! There was also no evidence whatsoever (as seen in the video) of any fire ever being had in this stone creation. The area is remote, off any roads and even trails. A tent would be the only way for any campers to stay here (no possible way for a trailer of any size, not even a motorcycle, the terrain to get here is steep only possible on foot).
As many people have stated regarding this video (above), one of the first from Rockhounding With Bigfoot, if this is not a Bigfoot captured on video, then WHAT!??
Let's pretend some homeless hippy pagan built these rocks up!
You would still need to ponder why it was done in the middle of a Bigfoot Habitat (this has been established, review the rest of this website as well as our videos to see the evidence). You would also want to point out no fire has ever been inside any of these, there are no signs of any tool marks, no digging in the area and none of the earth in the center of these structures has been disturbed. But still, people are weird right? And surely someone somewhere could have done this. That's not something I can disprove. However being a rockhound, moreover knowing this area VERY well, I can attest to how long it would take to find this many pieces of flat granite, in these shapes and sizes. Notice how most of them have lichen on them, and the lack of staining (from dirt and iron). These stones were likely sitting on top of the surface, and had been moved here to this location. In fact I pointed this out in several of the videos and we kept our eyes open for such rocks as we hiked about the days and weeks prior. I think we ended up seeing something like a dozen of them over the span of weeks! Again there are no tool marks or fractures /breaks to be seen on any of these rocks. This strongly suggests they were found as is. And this I can tell you would take either many hands and eyes spread over at least several miles, or it would take weeks to find!

So, because this is not-easy for someone to do, means it was Bigfoot?
No. But just consider the area. You don't know it, unless you are a fan and follower of our work. The area is not only full of signs literally all around us, things that we know this day in age Bigfoot are responsible for, but we have a sighting of a Bigfoot in this area, we have the eye of a Bigfoot on video from this area, we have eyeshine on video, weird noises both on and off video from this area, two different footprints of Bigfoot in this area not counting possible tracks in the snow... Then add in the FACT we know rock stacking is as big for Bigfoot as are the tree breaks and tree manipulations. We can go on and on and the picture becomes clear; this is Bigfoot's work 99% - and the chance this is the work of some weird person, in the middle of the woods where no camping is allowed (far from any house or even a path), with no signs of people, no signs of fire.... I can give that a 1% chance probability (but really, I know what I know, this is Bigfoot's handy work!).
What's up with this hair?
Similar things can be said, and are true, regarding the hair and other items in the images below. They are all from the same setting. The same area of all the activity aforementioned above. So then you're thinking this is Bigfoot hair ah? No actually. A few of the items on the wall are Bigfoot items, I can attest to that under oath! The hair however was found twisted into a lump, and/or the base of the patch of hair looked like it was pulled off. It is just odd looking and stands out. Any good researcher wants to pay extra attention to anything that looks out of place. The hair is very thick and has a lighter undertone. The ends, or outer most area of the hair is much darker and looks to have a slight reddish tint to it. There are no beavers in this area, at all. And it doesn't resemble a beaver. It looks very thick, just odd, and totals just over three inches long if pulled straight. On the wall, our office, are shavings that were carved off a stick that was then placed over a fort we had built in the woods. The way the stick was sitting up over the fort was evidence alone of Bigfoot's work. It was placed on this boulder JUST - almost wanting to fall at any moment. One end of the stick rests on one of our logs that goes in a 90 degree turn to their stick, so it's sitting on there pretty well. The funny thing is the other end of the carved stick could have easily sat on logs we had on the other end in the same fashion. Like a stud spanning two joists, but laying on top of the joists on either end. They didn't do that though, and used a knot in the stick to hold it up on the side of this boulder. It is the exact sort of thing we find with so much of the tree jobs, or tree manipulations. Pieces are placed in ways that almost defy physics. Why do they do this?
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
More Sasquatch evidence