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MORE evidence is what's needed!
If our videos aren't enough in the way of evidence of something VERY ODD going on in the woods of Colorado, well we have put together this website to further support the evidence we have collected. This site was first inspired as a way to boost the popularity of our Youtube channel (Rockhounding with Bigfoot).

Chapter One!

Imagine you're one mile back into the woods, far from any trail. You blazed your own path in to a random location, you held a camera in one hand and a leach in your other. A backpack carries all your gear including a shovel and pickaxe. Down where you parked no other people were seen, no other cars but your own stood still waiting for it's owner. In fact it's still early in the year and it gets very cold in these woods come night fall. Not many people are out braving the wilds in these months, if any, at all. You know of a spot that shows signs of possible good mineralization, and you work your way to it. That's right, you are looking for gold! And you want to try the peeks and mountain tops of the woods you have been gold panning, with some success. The water down at the river is far too cold for any toes and fingers this time of year. You have with you a pickaxe and your dog, a lab. After deciding to place your bets on this particular spot back in the forest, you set down your pack and have a drink. You examine your surroundings a little bit, notice that the sky seems clear of any storms. It's mostly gray with some patches of blue peeking down over you. Lets get to digging! Right away you have quartz coming to life springing out from the dirt. You dig more and continue chasing this quartz. It's mostly white but you also have some Fluorite mineralized into the matrix with some of the quartz and granite. Your dog, nose to the ground, is still circling you in a 50 foot radius checking out the landscape. You don't let her get out of your sight and she's a good dog, if you say her name her nose rises off the ground below, ears up as she looks your direction, and with a few thoughts of, whatever-it-is-dogs-think, she comes strutting over to see why you called her name. Eventually she adapts to this scenario. She knows not to go off to far at all, and if you call her name she is to come closer to you, that's too far, you tell her.

That Fluorite is an excellent sign. You show the camera as you are filming parts of your adventure. Fluorite can be some amazingly beautiful stuff! A little more work and some time passes; You notice some natural onion growing as you have a root ball of this small plant find it's way into your dig hole. Imagine that, you didn't even know onion could grow like that out here, all on it's own. I wonder if this is a generation of plant passed down from the European settlers some 200 years ago. You know the ones who stole all the good (easy) gold from the rivers below. Maybe the onion is native and therefor it's roots could date back thousands of years. Here is a piece of it, sitting in front of me and smelling so delicious too. You place it in your pocket having had allowing it no further interruption for the time. Never mind the coat I had on, it's an old one, but cozy, one that I chose exactly for this type of journey -digging in the dirt.

Lets say another hour passes, the shadows of the trees have shifted course a little bit but the sun is still hanging in the sky just fine. You have continued to find great signs of minerals, but mostly just that; signs! Nothing great and at the same time, good enough to keep you inquisitive, pushing on with the investigation. Just then your dog growls. This alerts the anxiety in your stomach almost immediately. My dog doesn't growl, does she? She just growled... perplexed you are froze with anticipation as you watch her, as she watches up the hill that you are working the side of. Just up this hill is something. The first thought is a deer. But still, we have seen deer and squirrel and birds plenty of times now out hiking. She has not growled at any of them. Moreover when at home she doesn't even growl with a Passersby'er through the window. She will huff, over and over, huff huff... but this is the first time she has ever growled. Let's make matters a little more intense now, and pay some attention to the hair on her back as it stands up. Okay now you are more interested in whatever she is alerting to, than you are with the quartz, fluorite investigation. Besides, your instincts have now taken control over you, you can't possibly focus on digging.

Sitting a while now with pickaxe idle in hand, as it rests its working end firmly on the ground. You are pushing into it, leaning on it a little bit as you pay it no attention but rather looking around your surroundings, large curious eyes balancing on knees as they shift directions. Sitting and twisting becomes standing, and eventually you drop the tool altogether and decide to walk around the area, up that hill where the dog was alerting sounds about right. There's still no threat of darkness catching you off guard, but just the same it is late enough in the day. It doesn't take much time at all for the sun to sink, when it so chooses, below the impending mountain off to your west. Your clearly not sure what's alerted your dog, you get a small camera rolling, in your hand, as you leave behind the rest of your gear to scope out the area you have yet to venture back into, ever! You see coming into this area brings you side skirting along the hill to your destination. The area where your dog had been looking is farther back, and farther up, not the way you came.

Part of our research has shown, there seems to be some differences worth mentioning, as well as similarities to the electronic devices the Bigfoot will allow in their home. While both our audio recorder and cameras have been messed with, it seems that THEY will put up with the audio recorder. Whereas video, you can forget about it. It is sort of a known thing; you don't want Bigfoot around, just put up some game cameras (trail cams). Our audio recorder was plagued with problems, at the same time they seemed to more or less ignore it. Especially the first time we left it out, and recording just 20 or so feet away from the gifting rock. I remember saying to Greg how I would not be surprised if nothing is on the audio, but the gifts are gone and possibly even more things are done, but nothing on the audio. Because they are so illusive, take the example above for example, the story, they can stack three rocks literally under your nose in real time, with what seems like no effort at all. So, could they easily avoid an audio recorder while they went about their business, yes! When it comes to the cameras though, aside from all the stories I've read now (again many, if not all, of these stories correlate exactly with one another, yet this people have no connection to each other), I seem to have an instinctual feeling that the Bigfoot can detect the infrared signal put out by the camera. The part that intrigues me most about this however, is why the Bigfoot are so afraid of them. It has often led me to think about the Native Americans, and how they believed to have an image of them on film, was to capture their sole! Most of the Native Americans began to understand what was really going on around the 1840's and on. And this chalks up to be a good example of how our brains work hard to serve up a dish we can understand, when we are faced with something that just makes no sense to us.

So then which is it, as always with these things...
So what's the deal with the Bigfoot and cameras? If they are so smart, and there are many many accounts to support they are, then they know the camera is not going to hurt them. Or, do they not understand the camera and think it might be some evil trick, or a tool to capture their sole? Like me, you are probably thinking there is a number three here; a third answer. I believe the Bigfoot have any reasons for not wanting themselves on film, or in a photo. One) Once it is "proven" they are in such and such area, a lot of people may start to come there in search of them and/or a photo for themselves. Two) The Bigfoot seem to understand that they can come across to humans as "monsters". I don't mean this in a rude way. But they can down-right scare the tingle out of us! So then if we get a clear and personal image of what it is we are dealing with, then we may RUN the other way and never look back! Three) And this is a bit more of a reach, but in respect to the Bigfoot I want to keep things in a group of three for this. So the third reason could be they want the entire idea of what they are to hold on to that deep sense of mystery. Once we start to get consistent, proven and clear images of them then they themselves become into a human category. Such as a category within that of the so called Animal Kingdom. They would much prefer things stay the way they are now, a compelling mystery debated among us humans time and time again.
Here's another reason,
why we love our viewers, well the ones who leave non-negative comments specifically. A marble? Yes, marbles. One of the first comments I remember getting from a viewer over on Youtube, that really stuck with me was someone telling us how Bigfoot love marbles. I remember thinking at the time, the same thing I would think with a lot of the comments; I am glad someone commented (we always are), but how would they know this to be true?

In all of this vast forest of Colorado, in the all the spots we could have walked & sat down, in this one spot I chose, there was this little marble sitting right there, looking up at me. Not just that, but this spot we were in was because of Bigfoot.
The area had a shelter created by Bigfoot down by the river, near where we had parked. There were plenty of tree's that had been placed, relocated, into odd positions and many of the limbs used were broken on both ends... This area is also where the roar had happened, and we had been gifted a quartz rock, with a pinecone and a pine branch, AND had three large rocks becoming stacked up on each other while we were actually there! Okay, so they are in this spot. And I found a marble on the ground, and more than one person had commented how they like marbles. Oh but there's more to this than that! Guess how many gifts were taken from us that were NOT food items? I am talking about the Habitat area, the place where all of our gifts are taken, and the place where we get the most form of communication with these creatures. Only one item that was not food has ever disappeared. And of all things, it was marbles!
< This is the actual hill in the story
(true story).

To the left here is the actual hill. To the far left, center on the hill, you can actually see the white quartz rocks and a tailings pile from digging. Right then, you are now walking with the gear left sitting back at the dig site. Our dog is of course in the lead, nose to the ground most of the time, surveying this new weird land. You find just up the hill a little more, a tree had been broken, right around the 8' mark, laying fallen on the ground, with it's tall stump left where once a proud tree stood. Odd, and noted, you then find a pile of granite rocks that look very out of place. Upon a little inspection of these and you will notice the Lichen, the moss, is underneath some of the rocks. These rocks had been either placed here, of flipped up side down. There is sort of a pile of these granite rocks, like you might find over an old grave dig site. Again, it's just odd and well noted (filmed) and moving on.
Besides a few more of the typical Bigfoot signs, you don't see much else worthy of mention. A few tree branches oddly placed, leaning up against other trees in ways looking to defy nature. Likewise, and this becomes important, the dog had not hit on anything else. She had not as so much lifted a paw in a single direction. Something was absolutely around us, with us, even watching our every move (you and your dog). But whatever, and HOWever it was, even a skilled dog was not able to detect it! After a brief check of these woods, about a 12 minute walk, you start to head back. You never got more than 150 foot (50 or so yards) away from the dig site, the spot where all your belongings wait for your return. And there they are, your backpack, shovel and pickaxe, along with a water bottle all sitting still where you had left them. Okay you think to yourself, looking at your dog who's looking intently back at you, waiting to see where we are going next! Nothing to see up there, all of our stuff is still here, I have no idea what you were getting upset about (thinking aloud to your fur covered companion). And with that you were able to find yourself getting lost again in the dirt! Breaking apart the rocky ground looking for whatever awesome signs might await you. Sitting there, some brilliant piece of fluorite, or perfectly formed smokey quartz crystal, even a vein of gold, all just waiting for thousands of years to see their first spec of daylight! Another 20 minutes or so of digging and violating the rocky earth and you notice something off to your side. You think ah whatever at first and try to ignore it in a way. With that same thought you say to yourself wait a minute, this is actually very weird. You let your tools rest a moment as you stand up never taking your eyes off this THING. What is it? It's just three rocks. But they weren't JUST there a moment ago, were they!?? You find yourself confused the more you think about these rocks. And as you walk closer to them, the more apparent what had just happened becomes. Two rather large rocks sitting side by side with another large rock laying on top, spanning the both of them, making a three rock creation. And what's more dirt is still falling off the side of one of the rocks where a clear band of earth marked around the rock showing how it had to have been resting part ways in the ground, just moments earlier.

As subtle as this may seem to some people, those of us with open minds and open eyes know something big has just happened! You look at your dog, she is indeed interested in these rocks as well. She is sniffing all around them and you actually ask her to move out of the way so you can continue your indepth and close up analysis. As you watch her, your dog, you then see the voids in the ground. And with that the report of your situation is complete! You can clearly now find all three semi-holes in the ground from where these rocks had been moved out of. Chills stream slightly throughout your body as the hair on your neck stands. You immediately turn to the farthest stretches of your sight, aiming beams of confused, amazed and at the same time worried eyes, pearing into every shadow you can find. Your sort of frozen in place as your mind struggles to find an answer worth serving up. It then hits you, your camera! You had filmed this area when you came into it just a couple of hours ago. Turning on the camera that you had even forgotten was in your hand, you scroll back to the video of earlier today, and it doesn't take long at all into the footage to see these rocks. They are sitting IN THE GROUND, and NOT moved or stacked to the place they are RIGHT NOW! With that you had it. That was absolutely enough. Everything around you suddenly seemed a lot darker than it had just before.

I better get out of here you think to yourself. You dog, you think... this is why she growled. Something she had never before done, this is why! Well, at least now I have THAT answer. And then you think more about this, how the hell could someone come in here and stack some rocks with us never being more than 50 yards away, and she (the dog) never heard or saw anything!?!? How could anyone possibly be watching me, following me in, having no car anywhere down on the road.... You begin to think of the area. You know there are no houses anywhere close to this vast wilderness. This was no person messing with me, you quickly conclude as you pack up your things, still looking out into all the open spans through the trees all around you...
There were three of us,
There were actually three of us that day plus my dog. To add to the story I wrote it as if I were alone. So it actually makes things a little more intriguing really; THREE guys, one whom is a researcher from the RMSO (Brody), and a perfectly healthy and ready dog, and none of us heard or saw SOMTHING as it went right into our camp for the day, and stacked up three rocks? It's absolutely insane to think this could be possible. And yet I was there, it happened. And for me this is my proof. This is my evidence Bigfoot is not only real, but really weird! Easy for someone to say, well this is not proof of anything, well it's even easier for me to say, YOU WERENT THERE & YES IT IS!
Actual images from that day (Greg, Brody, Dustin, Kyah)
^It bagan to get dark quickly, as we walked out of the area.
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
More Sasquatch evidence
Then came the box!
Image to the left, Dustin building a box that will be used for leaving gifts in the woods for Bigfoot. Or as Youtube's Kevin with "Homesteading off the Grid" would say, for "he, she, it or they"; which I think is pretty accurate. After all we have no idea who is getting our gifts. Is it one, or two, or a family of these creatures? I really wish I could just see them taking our gifts. If only we could watch in on them like a fly on the wall, but they couldn't see or detect us. This is pretty much what they are doing to us, right? We have all the proof we need to know it is impossible (let's just say 99.99999% impossible) for any person to be messing with us. Besides hiding recorders and cameras, monitoring the area, we have had things happen while on site. Yet no one knows where we are, or WHEN we are going to be there. As well dogs have been with us when things happened and they didn't detect people. There are also no cars around anywhere back where we park and hike in from. We have much more evidence to prove this case, but
if you have browsed over this website at all then you already know about all this other proof (or we could at LEAST say DAMNING circumstantial evidence), so I wont go into it all again here. Let me just tell you something magical, non-human, deadly silent, undetectable yet having hands (with dirt, DIRTY fingers) as well as teeth, has been taking our gifts!

What else has been taking our gifts? Something covered in hair that is usually brown, black or gray in color and it stands on two feet but runs around on all fours. It enjoys fruits and nuts and even sugary treats as well as granola... that's right - SQUIRRELS! We have witnessed our little furry friends sabotaging our gifting area on several occasions. And why not, this is their forest too and their home. We don't mind leaving them food. But at the end of the day this all comes down to research. A little as we know about Bigfoot, we don't know if rodent poop and bite marks etc on the food is going to drive away Bigfoot from taking our gifts. And that sucks! Imaging all the hard work into such a thing, to be lost to a wild card like some damn rodents getting into the picture.

So by now you can pretty easily assume where, and why, this box has come into play!
So did it work?
Well this is a good question. The easy answer is yes, in the way that it kept out rodents and our BIG FURRY FRIENDS were not scared off by it. As in they DID open the box and retrieve the gifts from it! That's pretty awesome. Here's why it's a tough question though; we brought the box into the scene in late Sep. 2019. And in this year we, Colorado, got snow so early it set a record. The first week of Oct. 2019 we were nailed with snow. At the time I was optimistic the snow would melt away, and we would all be turning on the AC again in our cars. Well the crappy weather stuck around and it didn't really let up. Through out Oct and into Nov the temperatures were very cold and snow continued to come at least every week. Nothing is a FACT yet when it comes to this subject, but just generally speaking I could say it's a known "fact" that Bigfoot are not as active in the winter. Or at least not as much in the early weeks of winter's onset. We lost a lot of our interaction, and found out many other researchers (if not all of them, just some maybe didn't report on it or want to admit it?), activity for them also dropped off. One good thing, really I can think of ONE good thing about the snow (I hate it so much), is that bears are hibernating. Just before they went into their winter slumber however, one of them hit our box. I did not build it to be bear proof. We needed to walk a fine line of keeping critters out, but making it feel welcoming and easy to open. On day when we arrived on location, our bags were shredded, corn was also shredded. Two things we had not seen before! Corn was peeled and eaten before, like what a human would do. And bags were pulled apart at the bottom creating an opening. Our peanut butter jar was also shredded! I mean it was completely ravaged. Something with very strong teeth and great intent would need to do what we saw done to this jar!! Then, to top it off the box had scratch marks on it, one piece of wood was broken off it, AND we found bear scat about 25 feet away...

Here's the weird part!
With all of these things being done (above), how could our box have been in the same spot as we left it? I forgot to mention, the bottom of the box was filled with rocks. This was to add some weight, but more was to block some small gaps on the bottom in between the wood. There ended up being around 15 rocks between golf ball sized to Jr. football sized. All these rocks were laid out in front of the box in a way that clearly suggested they had been dumped. The rocks sat at the exact spot needed where if the box had made a full rotation 180 and then dumped out the rocks. So again, it all adds up to a bear. Good for him. I hope we helped him get his (or her) winter fat. But again like with the
squirrels, we are not hear to research the local wildlife. This bear, potentially, messed up some of the best evidence we may have never gotten, and done it just as time was running out for the season. Anyway, the box was placed back in the exact spot we left it, and the lid was laid on the ground next to it up right. I am not jumping to conclusions but rather accepting reality in saying our Bigfoot, or family of such, found the ravaged mess and put the box back where it was. This also furthered the theory for me that the Bigfoot are only coming through this spot, where we dig and now gift, every couple or every few days. I had reasons to think this already, and this is just one more thing to strengthen this belief.