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Bigfoot and Guns!
Let's take two highly debated subjects, two controversial topics with strong opposing opinions and mix them into one thing! Right! Bigfoot and Guns. What can we say, I can at least prove to you guns are real. I can't prove Bigfoot are dangerous, or even deadly. But I do know, from some of the hundreds of comments we have received on our channel (Rockhounding with Bigfoot), there seems to be a pretty even split in the idea of having a gun with you while doing Bigfoot research. When I first began doing such research I was big on guns. You could say I still am, but not now for the same reasons. I used to be proud of the fact I had two guns with me, and 5 clips which totaled 67 rounds of .40 and .45 ready to rock and roll. All I needed next was an excuse to squeeze. Some hundred or so videos later, and many expeditions both during the day and at night, did I ever get such an excuse no. This for me means very little. I have a skewed thinking of the world. As long as I always have a gun on me, I will never need it. The one time I don't bring one, is the time that excuse is going to grow into a threat and a real reason to need my gun! And there really seems to be a lot of truth to this sort of thinking, for whatever reason the "universe" is set up like this. The reasons I carry a gun today when doing field research is for real world threats, such as Aliens and UFO's...just kidding. I have seen two bears now out in our investiagtions. And Mountain Lion scat very close to one of our research areas. Then we have the many stories that seem to pop up over the years of missing people and wild animal attacks, right here in Colorado!
More flies with honey then?
No! Because when it comes to Bigfoot one thing I have learned over anything else is that anything we learn can be twisted around and manipulated into something else, teaching us then a new thing that we think we know. Confused? Me too...
Bigfoot are always keeping us guessing. So to say we will get more interaction from Bigfoot (Sasquatch) by not having guns is really nothing more than an assumption. Now, I do tend to think this assumption is correct. But then again I could be completely wrong. Is there any supporting evidence, even any stories or reports out there suggesting Bigfoot know when we have a gun concealed on us? They don't have long nose cavities, so it is thought they don't have any sort of super natural smelling capabilities. If they can't smell gun grease and ammunition, then how could they know if your hiding a gun? And this is where things only begin really. From here you have the argument that Bigfoot "know all" and are psychic. Well if this is the case then they should know we
are only carrying a gun to protect ourselves from a hungry Mountain Lion or pissed off bear! If you want to make things even more complicated, sure why not, you could say then this is not showing REAL TRUST to the Bigfoot, because you should already know they are there with you, and thus they will protect you. And see from here we can start to get into a faith based belief system. At some point you just put on the breaks of this crazy train and say to yourself, I am bringing a gun! And we more or less always have, and we have had some of the most amazing Bigfoot interactions. Even at night when that big huge eye was so close to us, three to four feet away half hiding behind a tree just watching us walk by, Brody has a huge gun dangling from a holster off his belt and I had at least one gun on me ready to go. They didn't seem to care. What does care? Is a wild animal when bullets are thundering into it's chest stopping it dead in it's tracks of making you it's next victim! This is a good segway then into if a gun would even do anything to a Bigfoot? Well, they do seem to be somewhat afraid of guns (based on the many many reports from all sorts of people), so yes I tend to think a large caliber round would do critical damage if in the right place! Would I ever shoot at one, ONLY if it was me or them...
See More - The Missing 411
The Missing 411
There is a lot of supporting evidence through the work of The Missing 411 Project that people with guns are a lot, LOT, less likely to go missing than those without. There is in fact only one report of a missing person out of over 1,600 now of someone being lost who had a gun and a Homing Beacon on them. A device, as I understand it, that connects to satellites much like GPS and sends a signal to the nearest authorities of your particular area. In that report the guy activated his device, a Personal Locator Beacon, and it worked! But as with many of the reports of this nature the rescue parties found nothing when they arrived to his location.

Do we believe Bigfoot is to blame for all the missing people? This is a great question, and one that probably has an ever evolving answer. There or so many stories of people, a lot of children, being taken by a Big Harry Man, or a Bear Man, and so on, where the kids have lived to report on the event, then it's obvious such a being is clearly capable of kidnapping. I don't think Bigfoot need people. Even if it were to be eating people, I don't think they need to for several reasons. First, they don't always take our gifts right away. Sometimes we need to wait three days or so before our gifts are gone. Other times we could find not all the gifts were eaten. Like corn for example, we gifted 5 ears of corn, and found only two had been eaten (this is just one time, other times had other results as well). It is likely the Bigfoot only come around the area we had been gifting and doing our research, every few days. Even so, if they really needed these food items, or even placed a high amount of value on them, they would likely check in on this gifting spot every day, as well would take all the gifts all the time. We also find broken deer legs, large rib cages completely cleaned off (Elk) and other bones at random, in and around our Bigfoot locations. If we believe they can hide so well, and we do, and they can be so fast and have what seems to be super powers, then we imagine they have zero problem getting food. Unfortunately the world we live in today, a person needs to question everything. With this in mind, what if we question The Missing 411 themselves? Now, for what it's worth, I do believe David, and I do believe his work to be authentic, but just as a what if, it was all hog wash? A way to keep people on edge or more simply just a matter of selling books (making money). I mean really, even he admits there are no lists of any missing people from the parks (National Forests), and there is next to zero evidence in most all the cases of his reported missing people. Could this be all too convenient a situation for such a large fairy tale? It is really just like the rest of this Bigfoot STUFF, a mystery and something with very little evidence to support either direction firmly.

Getting back to believing the missing persons are in fact missing, and sure, you can go and talk to the families of such missing people (but 1,600?), what could possibly be behind this phenomena. Here are a few reasons why unfortunately the Bigfoot would make a great suspect. As noted above, they are incredibly fast, illusive and have what seem to be super powers, super-human capabilities. Many of us, including Rockhounding with Bigfoot, also believe the Bigfoot have some sort of way of cloaking themselves, or being just out-right invisible when they want /need to be. Well, in many of the cases of the missing people, the person who is vanished was just with a group or another person before they went massing. Literally seconds pass in some of these cases, you look back and see your partner, okay great, have a thought possibly and look back again to say something maybe, and they are gone! I know one of David's theories, weather he has admitted it or not I am not sure, is something of a worm hole. Some sort of portal that could open up and snatch people away! If not that then we need something that can grab a person, adults including (so it would need to be very large and powerful (Bigfoot!?)), they might need to be invisible, or at least it would seem this would surly help. Once a person is gone, there gone! The group will walk around the area looking for them and there is no sign (Bigfoot!?). Whatever is doing this would need to be incredibly fast and very intelligent (also Bigfoot!?).
Even if we shot a Bigfoot, then what?
First you would assume you would even be able to make it out of the woods alive, and you wouldn't! You wouldn't stand a chance! Then let's say you wanted a body as evidence, well you would need to then assume that such a body would stay still and in peace like any other dead creature of Earth, and IT WOULDN'T! See I don't believe Bigfoot burry their dead, in fact I find this extremely ludicrous and rather idiotic. I am very disappointed when someone I admire, someone who has put a lot of the pieces together for us in the World of Bigfoot, suggests they bury their dead. You have to be kidding me! I don't mean to insult, really I don't, but anyone who thinks this is either not serious about their research, is joking, or has not thought through all the many reasons why this theory does not work and never will!

Even the idea of a Bigfoot eating their dead, works out better then to think they burry them! I don't mean to be such a hound on this subject, or to the people who support the idea Bigfoot bury their dead, but it's just so obvious to me how this is not at all what is going on! Everything that has ever been buried, man has found! Pottery, Art Work, Gold, Dinosaur Bones, Native American Artifacts, Arrow Heads... you can argue this to an extent sure. But a buried Bigfoot would be in one of a few categories. It would be preserved, there for we would have found one by now (especially if this is what has been happening to all the Bigfoot over the centuries, could you imagine? We would have found so many of them). The body would have been quickly un-buried and eaten, leaving bones scattered about, especially a skull. Yet we have never found anything. I have heard people say, well this isn't the case because Bigfoot then protect these buried bodies, really? REALLY? Did you even think about how absurd this is!!! Now lets talk about digging for a moment. How exactly are Bigfoot digging holes? They are just so strong and massive they can easily dig? No, they can't. Especially not in the mountains where the earth can be frozen solid for many months, even year round. I've actually seen such ground break off the hardened steel from tractors that were trying to scrape into it.

We have actually found dig holes in the areas in the woods where I was digging! These holes, mind you, did not appear until after I began to explore the area/s for minerals. I would find shallow (SHALLOW) holes in random areas all around where I was the previous year or just weeks. The most obvious thing about these holes was not just how small they were (because they were done with no tools, very hard to do) the fact the tailings pile was RIGHT NEXT to the hole. Any person, I don't care who you are, will leave a tailings pile (dirt rock and debris removed from the hole, to create the hole), away from the hole itself. Often times the pile is going to be 2 to 4 feet away from the hole. This is because that's how long the shovels are! A short shovel, or a longer one, will be from 2 to 5 foot long. Never have I seen a hold dug where the pile of dirt was directly next to where it had come up from, unless this was an animal digging. You could imagine a dog digging under a fence. This is the sort of thing I was finding out in the woods. The holes were wide enough that it made no sense for a small animal to be doing them, more over they were ALWAYS done where there was quartz! This isn't just important because of the significance of Quartz and Bigfoot (there is some big connection here) but also this is NOT the likely spot a creature is going to dig, who is trying to get any sort of cover at all! These spots are almost like hard rock mining -NOT EASY. Why on Earth would any animal then try to dig here, and keep at it enough so that they got from 4 to 10 inches into the ground. Enough to unearth quartz, but not enough for any prospector, even from the 1800's, to sample the area. All very odd - unless you know what did it! BIGFOOT! More clues to this overwhelming circumstantial evidence is the sticks we find lying in these holes, or right next to them. Often hard pieces of wood with a worn edge to them, and sometimes a handhold type of shape to them. It's almost the smoking gun to this Bigfoot digging theory (as if I didn't already know who was responsible).
Also it's a confidence thing!
Also it's a confidence thing! A big part of surviving something life challenging is in your mind! Can you keep a cool head, can you remain calm and make good decisions? One wrong decision can be the matter of life and death in hundreds of scenarios. Having a gun on me realty increases my confidence of any what-if scenario that plays out in my mind. This allows me to thinking more clearly as well to have a wider range of options in any would-be crisis scenario. In fact I might only be here today because of guns! See my very first Bigfoot encounter involved me actually firing my weapon. I shot into the dirt next to me after I had about 5 minutes of the infamous dread feeling. It wasn't just that, after five or so minutes of this terrible anxiety that was crippling my every thought, a tree broke just feet away from me. It happened behind some tall scrub oak just on the other side of me, but just out of my sight. I didn't believe in any Bigfoot then but whatever it was it was very powerful. A bear, I thought to myself? I said hello. Nothing... I said I have a gun, who's there, an still nothing. It all seemed to strange to me. Something felt very very off! There was no person there, and there was no other sounds? Thinking something could be stalking me, it would not know I had a gun on me! And if it pounced on me, I may never get a chance to protect myself. So with that thought I drew my weapon, and gave one last chance to someone if they were playing a prank. I have a gun! I'm going to shoot! Yes the feeling in me was that strong and yes the break of a branch or a tree was THAT BIG! I shot into the ground next to me. One two or three shots I don't remember, and then I walked out of the area halfway backwards, looking back and yelling the entire time. I didn't go back to that spot for a year, and I will never know if the only reason I am here today is because I had a gun on me! Especially if you're familiar with The Missing 411! So, even you don't know how to use one, assuming your not an idiot and you know how to apply common sense, I greatly recommend anyone going out into the wild to carry a gun. And so does David, the director and founder of the missing 411. Even if you don't think you could ever use it, you should STILL have one with you (don't forget the bullets). Even just a 9mm. This could be the difference in your ability to asses a bad situation, and could be the extra boost you might need mentally to get out alive!
Pick it up!!
What can you do to help? Pick up the trash...When I was a kiddo, I mean old enough to drive (but shouldn't of been), I would often go to the woods with friends. Either for the day, just a drive, or even camping and staying out over night. Never, NOT ONCE, did any of us leave behind trash! For this, I find it very hard to understand how these kids these days can litter, and litter so much, without a care at all! I begain picking up trash as something I could to fill the gaps between when Greg could go with me to the woods to do our research. I was still some what traumatized from my own Bigfoot encounters. And partly from my own head thinking about then encounters and what COULD have been. So, I found a way to get up to the woods that I loved so much, and out of the house, without needing the confidence and comfort of a companion. The trash always bothered me, so it was really a win win. I only added a little bit of this into videos, because even if tlaking about something interesting, you're still picking up trash - there were plenty of other things for people to watch. Anyway, if every rockhound and hunter, hiker and Bigfoot researcher would pick up a little trash here and there, the impact over all would be huge!

What's up with the weird sounds in your videos?
No idea why we get so many weird sounds in audio when others don't. This is something that struck me when we first started looking into Bigfoot in Colorado, in our forests where we had just been digging before, or gold panning. I have long wanted to compile all the sounds together from our videos, but this is even harder to do than video, because I don't know the time stamp of every sound. It will likely never happen and I'm not sure how many sounds we have now, maybe two dozen? These sounds started very early on, and I knew they were not normal, I knew they were not coming from us, there for they were Para-Normal (paranormal) and I called it like I saw it early on! This is one of the reasons I thought to block the cameras with foil. Something was able to somehow insert these audio bits into our video. This is something no on today understands, including us. This is, though not as cool, right long with Sasquatch Ontario's reports of images being super imposed onto the camera's film, or in today's case the SD cards. How can something do this? We have no idea, but honestly this is one of those things we were not created to understand. Much like how a crystal genuinely holds a vibrational frequency within it, something unique to each crystal and created from within itself. How?!? Even if science explains this there is a missing piece that we just can't understand. Even electricity today is said to be a theory! Sure we are masters at manipulating it to our needs, but when it comes down to it, we don't ACTUALLY understand it. The same can be said with fire, and as this is a little harder to explain let's instead think about space!

No one today can grasp the concept that space goes on forever!
I don't care if you say you get it, you DON'T! We were not created to understand this. We, as humans, were purposely given limitations to our thinking. How can space go forever? What if it ends? Then what's on the other side of that end? Just white nothing... how can that be possible? Have a headache yet? Think about it a little more until you do! We were not created to have all the answers. This is why we struggle so much to try to answer things, that we simply were not meant to understand. It's a lot like a carrot in a garden wanting to run around like the rabbit that keeps eating it's leaves. It can't! It can dream up ways and theory's, but can not change what it is! No this is not getting off topic, in fact this is probably more on topic than anything else on this website! Bigfoot like carrots, somewhat. See, there you go, a segway wasted.

Bigfoot understands us, and it sucks that we can't understand them. They were created with abilities we didn't get. I wouldn't be surprised really if they understood space as clear as we know one plus one is two. Reports of mechanic sounds coming from Bigfoot areas is no surprise to me as well. Sure in the beginning it sounds like rubbish. But when it happens to you, it tends to change your outlook. For this reason I have also asked a few people, randomly, whom seem to be filming in the woods, I ask them to try filming at night. I let them know they may need to do it for sometime, not just 10 minutes. If you can do it for an hour or two, both in the same area and another time waking or even driving around many areas, but at night and in the woods, and please let me know if you get any weird sounds or even lights in your videos. I think maybe zero people out of the half dozen I solicited actually gave any care to what I was saying.
Unexplained things happening around our house!
This is something I was probably almost laughing at (on the inside) when I would see it from viewers in the comments of such and such video. People would say how the Bigfoot will follow us home, and how they could also mess with things. I must be honest, this doesn't really bother me all that much. I have, for a long time, been a very spiritual person. The idea of weird things going on around me, even haunting's to to speak just doesn't scare me like it probably would a lot of people. This could be because I don't believe it such things at all. But that's not it, because I do very much! I think if you are "right with God", in whatever way that means what it does to you, I think is why I am not bothered. I don't really think, at least not at this point, that weird things happening around your house are associated with Bigfoot. Now I could be very wrong. The first thing that reminds me I could be wrong is that yes I have had several odd things happen around my place and No I don't recall anything strange happening until after this Bigfoot stuff. So case solved right? No. I think part of it is just like when a new car, even if NEW TO YOU (used), has come into your life. It is something new in your life. You then tend to see that car everywhere. So for me to say Bigfoot is too blame for the weird things, is me saying it with not only a huge lack of even circumstantial evidence, but as well not knowing about how the brain can play games. And I'm well aware of how our brains can play mind games with us.

A tree, often broken on both ends, holding down another poor tree that is often four to six (or more) feet away. A clear sign you're in the right (or WRONG!) area!
A Bigfoot Medium,
Try to clear your mind and meditate. In your head, try to silence your inner monologue. Each time you start to say (think) something, just shut it down and clear your mind. You might be amazed how hard this is to do. I bet you can't, without practice, actually go more than 10 seconds of clear open space in your mind, without being interrupted by yourself. It's not easy. Our brain is good at talking. It's got a lot to say and it's always thinking, even when we're sleeping, it's still thinking. Maybe it's just thinking about what to think about. So this is where things get a bit blurry for me. Let's say you've done some meditation, and you know can ask questions to...WHATEVER, and you get answers back. Well, how do you know it's not just your brain answering you back? I know I've done a few tests like this a few different times, you can do it right now, and some of the answers I get back are just genius! Things that I had no idea I knew! Okay, well, is there really something helping us and giving us some answers? How can you tell when it's you and not something outside of you? I don't think there is a way to really know. And if someone says they know, how can WE KNOW they aren't just fooling themselves? You see if we were actually created to think this way, we would not have such a hard to knowing what to think! If that makes any sense at all....
Apparently the Bigfoot have no problem with this. I'm not mocking the idea, in fact I think it's real. I think they can do these things. We have too many reports, like so many "Things Bigfoot", from different people who are not connected at all yet telling us the same exact type of details. How can that be?? Les Stroud (Survivor Man, Discovery Channel) is one of the most credible characters we have supporting this. With him, he actually is hurting his reputation by revealing what it is he has about Bigfoot. Mind speak. He said he got, and why would he ever lie about that?

We're usually not sure where the journey will take us. We know we have two separate areas, with two separate types of minerals, Geologically speaking, and two separate Bigfoot groups. We go into these areas ready to film and find....something! Usually not knowing what that will end up being! ^Here we found ourselves climbing down EXTREAMLY difficult terrain to get off the mountain.
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
More Sasquatch evidence
Recently, Nov. 2019
We left a trail camera, and if you don't already understand, let me tell you; trail cameras are (more or less) a super way to keep Bigfoot out of an area. This is true, and has ben proven many times in several states, not just Colorado. So why are we keeping Bigfoot away if we're trying to help prove it's existence? We're not, we are doing our due diligence and trying everything we can. Besides, who's to say the Bigfoot we are dealing with is going to do the exact same things as other Bigfoot? No one knows, so we all mind as well keep trying everything we can. More over, it's a way to prove there are no people in our areas /and no one is messing with us. Just like with the recorder (which has been hidden (it's small) for around a hundred hours now through several different days /weeks), we did not hear or see one person in or even near our special location!

Here's the messed up part!
Just like with the recorder, the trail camera has been messed with in ways that defy logic. If you ever work with a trail cam you will find out several things right away. It's almost always going to have pics /video of you setting up and retrieving the device. And it's going to be triggered by random things such as a squirrel running down the side of a tree, a leaf or snow falling from a branch, the slightest breeze gently blowing and etc... You are going to get pictures! It's basically guaranteed. Okay, so how then did we end up with a 100% empty SD card after four solid days and nights of leaving out the trail camera? It was on, we saw it count down. The batteries were good even when we picked it up. Somehow, and I am pretty sure I know how, the SD card was either wiped clean or some other force took control of the camera and blocked it from working. Does this surprise me, are you kidding? Not at all -after everything I have no experienced with this new and crazy, CRAZY, Bigfoot world!