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Below is an example of, I-Have-No-Idea-What!
Let's start with the obvious; a latter! Why is there a latter leaning up on some trees that are themselves leaning over? Jumping right into the next thing, hard to see in this image (shown well in the video on the channel), there is a chain and lock! That's right, a chain is going around all three of these leaning over trees, and it has a pad lock on it. Is this art? Is this symbolic of something? Is this just Bigfoot being weird and playing with items that were left behind in the woods? Did some traveler, or a homeless person make his home here until he had to go? The reason I say that is because there is also a chair, created much the same way this latter is, with the same amount of oxidation to it (age), you can see this in the video of the area.

Onto the trees then; this is the single most thing in this image that says BIGFOOT! We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bigfoot lean trees over onto other trees. Often times they will do several of these so called leaners over onto the same one tree. Sometimes we will even see actual Tee-pee looking structures created from such "leaners". This is why part of me believes this has something to do with Bigfoot. Nevermind the fact this IS in our Sasquatch Habitat (need to switch up the words there for the search engines =). Well, actually this is just across the road from where we do our main investigations, and have the most amount of activity!
What about Sasquatch in Denver?
Nothing really, but Denver is sometimes used as reference to Colorado, so I thought it would be good to toss it in here somewhere. Now with that in mind, however, I did go a walk this part summer and noticed some very odd signs way way out of place. This was deep into my, now knowledge, of Bigfoot being real, and in many ways real close. But I didn't expect to see the signs of what Bigfoot do in an urban area. I have heard of the Urban Sasquatch people sure, but never gave much thought to it. More than thinking it is probably mostly people who know about Bigfoot, and/or are passionate about Bigfoot but don't have access to such areas where Bigfoot is known to live. Thus they look for signs around them, or wherever it is they DO happen to have access too, and there you go. When your looking for something, a lot of times you will find it, even if it's just because you WANT too see it so bad! Well, I am here to report that this is actually not the case. I found the weirdest signs, things that no person would have any reason AT ALL to do, and these were right next to a sidewalk trail that goes through my town, Castle Rock, Colorado. This is not a ski town, this is not a refurbished ghost town, or even a mountain town. This is a city that has been growing WAY to fast I might add. The part of the trail I was seeing these things was close enough to a major road I could throw a rock. Pavement all around, lights everywhere, cars, traffic.... this was no place for an illusive woodland forest dwelling creature to be, AT ALL. Then why on Earth am I finding the following signs here?

  • A piece of trash, some metal wring, sitting on top and over a fence post (just a three wire fence with metal poles as posts that had reflectors on them).

  • A stick, broken on both ends, leaning up against one of these posts.

  • Tree manipulations in such a way that, like many, they were very hard to explain (not possible) by nature. Even if considering the huge amount of wrecked trees we had from a very late snow fall this year. It still couldn't do that. The branches and huge limbs I was seeing were clearly moved into place. More than one, I saw several like this!

  • A small shelter type thing built just on the top of a small ridge, where you could look down and over the path. Kids? Sure... but this is not a place kids would be playing as there were not homes near the area. The area, the ground, where this little shelter was at was very rough. I mean nasty bushes and over grown grass, weeds of many types and home to how many critters, snakes and spiders?

The photos are much more convincing that I'm not just making a mountain out of a moll hill. When I find them, I will post them. Because I do have pictures, videos, of the day we went on this walk (I bring my camera everywhere). These things would not of stuck with me so well if they weren't at least significantly standing out of place! They were, very much so.
Bigfoot are real, Denver, Seattle, so what!
Like it or not they are real. So what? Don't let it stop you from doing the things you love. Now, this is easier said than do I know, I get that. Some people have had encounters that were much worse than mine. They are truly traumatized and they can't return to the wild. It took me one year, but I don't consider myself much like anyone else. Again, that's an easy thing to think right? It's what we all think about ourselves. I made up this saying back in my twenties; "The only thing that makes us all the same is the fact we each think we're so different". Pretty good right? I was accused once of not making that up, lol. Well I did. And for most of us it's true. But I sort of enjoy the mystery and I don't seem to have a hard time standing up against things much bigger than me. Even dogma or the ocult, I could see myself standing in the face of something that can easily squch me, and so be it. Anyway, it didn't take me long to get back out there. I do know it gets easier the more you try. At first I wold only drive, and I
This is one of those ideas that LOOKED good,
This idea looked good in my head, and it looked good once I created it, and it worked really really bad! I almost lost an entire day's worth of filming because of this. The microphone worked, it worked too good! I didn't realize, until later on in editing, that the large plastic dish was touching the side of the camera. Does the camera stay still when we are walking around and filming, NO!!! It was bad. The audio was full of scrapping sounds, sliding noises, dings and bangs. The only time we got clear audio from this is if the camera was sitting still as seen in the image above, or if one of us was using two hands to film with it. One on the camera and the other holding and aiming the mic. Which presented another problem. We already have too much too carry, for another one of our hands to be used up the entire journey of a day's investigation was a big deal! I don't know if other researchers just go out walking around with a camera (from the looks of a lot of the videos I see this is true), but we each carry a backpack chalk full of items and things attached to the outside of the backpack (we are very cartful and attentive that none of these items make any noises, one of the most important things for us out in the woods investigation is the sounds we get). Often times we also each have a shovel, and then sometimes we each also have a spud bar and the other a pickaxe. We also carry a camera bag that is full of backup batteries, solar charger, go-pro cameras, an under water camera, walkie talkies, the FLIR a drone, a drone remote and other miscellaneous items. Other things we often have include an umbrella, extra clothing, flashlights, guns and sometimes extra ammo, a tripod and sometimes a boom for the mic or a camera. You see, for an extra hand to be needed to film with one of the cameras, which we do as we are walking, talking, digging, etc, is a big deal (and a bad one)! When we get to escape and do some filming in or around Denver, it is a realief just by the sheer amount of things we don't need to take with us!
Your guess is as good as mine!
I think the best thing about having a FLIR for Bigfoot research, is having a FLIR for Bigfoot research! We can say we have one! Look at us, we're pro's! Okay, sure it is an amazing piece of technology, but as far as the Bigfoot see it, that's just it, THEY SEE IT. It is no different than pointing a camera all around the forest hoping to capture Bigfoot. Does that usually (if ever, besides some scammers) work out?? No! So, okay, let's do the exact same thing accept at night! It would appear the BFRO managed to get some results with the FLIR. The problem there, even the BFRO admits, is the show! Finding Bigfoot, as in the actual TV show, not only stretched the truth to the limits of "way out of context", but may have even just made things up. Money does funny things to people. Producers and TV executives are no exception. If we set that "evidence" aside, from "Finding Bigfoot", then when has a FLIR ever produced any
other results? I am asking because I don't know...  One scenario I can imagine this would be very helpful (besides locating cool spots in your camper trailer) is if these Bigfoot really do sneak up so close to people, and they do, at night, then we should be able to see warm foot fall areas on the ground. You don't need to stand in place for the FLIR to pick up the difference in temperature. You can just walk across your carpet or tile in your house, and the FLIR will be able to track those foot steps. The immediate problem we face even with this simple idea, is that many researchers have found Bigfoot tracks stop and/or start seemingly from nowhere. Literally right out of, or into, thin air! This is one of the few strong cases now leading us, who are smart enough to start to catch on, to the fact Bigfoot are "not normal"!
Rockhounding with Bigfoot, is actually about rockhounding as much as it is Bigfoot. Well, like anything else I guess we seem to have our days. Someday's I feel very much like saying to hell with Bigfoot, whatever they are they don't care at all about me, my gifts to them or my efforts in wanting to know more about them, and our hard work in trying to communicate with them -so, to hell with them!
And, at times, this comes across in the videos as Dustin makes no effort to hide the frustration or contempt, when it comes. Which is partly why viewers, VIEW, at all, for the truth and honesty that comes across. Well, not to be a negative nanny but rockhounding can suck too! Not just because of he days you get skunked (find nothing) but these crystals for example, to the left, turned out to be nearly impossible to clean. Months of acid baths didn't even work!
Who could've imagined!!
Did you know there is actually more out there in nature than rocks & Bigfoot!? Well believe me
or not, it's true. We found this entire other world hiding in the trees, under the rocks and on the ground! Even up in the sky and on the water. I don't know what most other researchers do, I don't pay much attention to them, un-edited videos are just not easy to watch. But me!? I enjoy all of nature and we are always on the look out for what we might find!
Some amazing feathers, some truly wild mushrooms, an arrow head (found by Jessie),
beautiful patches of moss (Lichen), wonderful cacti and beautiful flowers! Deer with their young bouncing behind them, elk with their ever bizarre looking face and neck (what? they are just weird looking), cranes near the waters edge and hawks and even a Bald Eagle up in the branches over head. A salamander (black and yellow) inside our dig hole, near the gifting rock, amazing plants that look like they should be in the Amazon of South America! Little streams, waterfalls, and old remnants of people who
first set foot taking in all that Colorado has to offer! Yes, there is so much more than rocks and Bigfoot! And, not sure about others, but we strive to capture it all (in video).
We don't see...what we don't see!
This is one of the older signs of our Habitat Area, and as obvious as this one is (it's large and it sits just feet away from the main trail hiking in), I would have walked past this dozens of times and never noticed it. I might have even looked at it, and as many a brain will do, of those whom don't really know what's out in these woods, I probably didn't even think anything about it. That's what's extra funny about our brains, there is so much information in the world around us, trying to tell us something, and unless we have had that little extra part turned on, to pick up whatever that something is (or where it's coming from), we simple don't notice it! I mean, it's not even like I looked at this tree structure and thought hmm, that's odd, oh well the trees fall the wind blows odd things happen. No. I mean I literally did not see it! I would have looked in this direction only inspecting the ground, with my eyes trained to the heads of a mushroom or the glimmer of a quartz rock. And of course, any movement! I might see a deer, a bird, a rabbit, like anyone would (I hope so at least sheesh). But no, there were no tree structures yet in my world. And yet they were not only there, but some of them very big and very close and VERY weird, as in not natural at all!
To the left, a large tree lays over another tree that is then laying on another tree. From left over, the first tree is standing straight up, with the next one leaning on it pointing North. Then a tree is laying on this one North facing, that is aimed in the direction of due East!

The tree facing East is held up by another tree standing straight up, as well, this tree facing East has the end half of it missing! Let's top it all off with a paradolia bit of puppet leaf looking curmit the frog monster man, dead center of image.
Wrong again!
Well this one is at least straight foward (image of the tree crossing the path below), it's easy to explain and it's very easy to see what's going on right? Wrong! This was a new addition to 2019. This tree was healthy, normal, and growing along side it's friends on the edge of this path in 2018. It is the first thing I noticed after being able to get back into this area (June). The snow from January to Late May covered the ground and was so deep we literally could not walk into this area. We abondonded the Habitate Area in those months, continuing our research at the South Platte river. When we could finally get back into our treasured area, I was the first to go. I want in alone one day to look around, do some inspection as to whether or not we could film here and to pick up trash. I laughed when I first saw this tree doing a 85 to 95 degree turn directly across the path. First of all this is what THEY do. Bigfoot are known for doing this to paths /trails in the forest. Not just in Colorado but any other state with Bigfoot. If we take a minute though to look at this you'll notice the way the tree is broke. So why then is the tree, the part that broke off, laying
on the wrong side of where the break is showing us it would have fallen? Even for Bigfoot this is just odd!
But this is not the MOST odd thing about this, far from it actually. You can only see a little of this in this picture, but the part broken off, the part of the tree laying on the ground, crossing the trail, seems to be almost perfectly straight, as if a chain saw had cut the tree. Well, it shouldn't take a genious to quickly notice a few things wrong with this. The part of the tree still standing 1) was clearly NOT cust by a chain saw and 2) who the hell cuts a stump, or falls a
tree 7 to 8 feet up from the ground? No one! We can also easily, and correctly assume, there was no chain saw because there is also an absence of saw dust on the ground. And unless you are Heman, you need to cut a notch into a tree this size when using a saw. There is no notch out of the tree. Okay so no chain saw was used to cut down this tree. Why does the fallen part of this tree on the ground look nearly perfectly smooth. Maybe someone cut a piece off, then said forget it this is too much work. Nope! Once again there is no saw dust but even more, look at the image below, we can see something really weird has happened with this tree. It's almost smooth, and almost straight. But yet it's also far from looking how it would had it been cut with a saw, chain saw or any other saw. It simply defies logic even in the realm of Bigfoot! The only thing I can think of is someone or something broke this tree (look at the part standing, it was broke, how can a person do this with no equipment, no marks on the ground or any other trees (say from ropes or pulleys or a wench), more over why the hell would anyone do that? So something BROKE the tree down, how, I don't know but it was broken down. Then something spend a great deal of effort to make the end on the ground look as if it was man cut. THEN, they would have had to remove the evidence of this job. For example if they used sharp rocks, blunt edges of sharp quartz or even a hatchet, they removed all the little pieces from the ground when they were done.
^ There you see!! Can someone please explain this!!!?
didn't or couldn't, get out of my truck, not even just on the side of the road. Then I brought my dog with me and I would park along the road and pick up trash. After I felt okay doing that I would start to point out some of the trees I would see back in a bit from the road. I think I did three or four trips of picking up trash, and then two trips of feeling okay enough to walk a bit and point out some new tree manipulations I saw, get them on video, and walk a bit. From then I pretty much felt fine. It wasn't something I could tell myself, it was something I had to just get out up, and get out, and go do. And it worked.

Image to the right, Brody from the RMSO, enjoying gold panning using the Gold Cube, along the South Platte river. Brody is and isn't a good example. He knows about Bigfoot, he has seen them, heard them and he knows everything they do! He has even worked with Les Stroud, as such has the RMSO themselves. They've camped together and shared stories and ideas on Bigfoot. Brody doesn't let Bigfoot stop him from doing what he loves. In fact he is the one who got Greg and I
                                                                                                                             to go out into our Habitat Spot at night. That's why I say he's a good example and he's not, because he's not afraid of them and he has training on how to deal with them (if such training exists). After the first weeks of learning Bigfoot is real, & after being terrified through the ordeal of our nighttime investigation, I really didn't know how I would go camping ever again. I thought it was ruined for me, I thought about selling my camper and that was it for me. But really, for those of you who
have gone through anything Bigfoot that's hard to deal with, it is true that it just takes time.

Some people are defiantly more equipped for this than others, I think that's part of it for sure. The whole Bigfoot thing sort of consumed me once I found out the truth. After the initial months of getting back to normal, physiologically, I jumped in the deep end and started to learn everything I could. As well I wanted to prove to the world this new found truth, as such I put a lot of time and effort into videos and ideas for videos. It's true I didn't know what I was dealing with, but honestly it didn't take me much time at all to figure them out. Once I did I had mixed feelings. On one hand I knew we're never going to film them so why even try. On the other hand I though maybe this was meant for me! I am an idea guy, with over 30 inventions, some of which are on shelves in stores today. So I thought just maybe I could be the one to do this, if anyone ever could.

It's actually pretty funny though because I got so into rockhounding and being out in nature because I loved to get away from the fuc$ery of the world! I don't watch TV. And I am not just one of those people who say that to feel
cool and different, really, I don't watch TV! That's not enough though today. We are bombarded with sheer CRAP through ads on Facebook and even other peoples rants on Facebook. Even if you go all out and ditch the digital, you're still going to get an ear full from time to time from people in day to day living. I didn't want to hear any of it. Politics, the illuminati ruling the world, religion, and new religion, wars pending and the end days are here, the Simpsons with their hidden signs and the number 23 showing up in movies. Oh, and the movies! The movies and the songs on the radios were (are still) just the worst! They are so chalk full of crap, hidden messages and Freemason BullShi%. Once a person knows, sees and hears all of what's going on, well it's hard not to notice it. Ads in Billboards, marketing at McDonalds, it was all around me, and it is all around you too! So, anyway, I loved rockhounding and digging as a way to get away from all of it. So I find it rather funny how that turned into Bigfoot, and Bigfoot ties right into all the weirdness of the world. For me to research about Bigfoot I would need to also pay attention to the parts about; does our government know, is it a big cover up, is Bigfoot from another dimension, and all of these sorts of things - here we go again! Really though it didn't bother me. Knowing I could play a role in uncovering the truth was enough for me to be on board fully. And that's a part of all of what I have said here. Everything about the media, the songs on the radio the ads and the world being controlled by the Masons, see none of that could I do anything about! But this Bigfoot thing, here was a way for me to potentially make a difference! I was all in!

By the way, whenever a movie is made about something, pay extra special attention to it in the real world. What I mean is if a movie is made about it, it is probably all fake. Facebook with their movie (BS, FB is a Government run program), Eminem with his movie (BS, he was created as is a Mason, everything about how he came to be was fabricated and controlled), how about the Moon Landing? There are a lot and I tell you the truth. Another big one while we are at it is Disney. I don't want to be THAT GUY, okay, I am just telling you the truth. Disney is evil and if you want to know why, if you want dozens of examples, contact me! If you want to not care a fu$# about it because there is nothing you can do - then we are in the same boat! ROCKS and BIGFOOT!!
My son helping to pick up trash one rainy day off the South Platte river. It hasn't happed yet, but one day I hope to find of these morons who is littering. Even when I was a young dumb kid, old enough to drive and go into the woods, but young enough still to not know shi$ about the world, even then I would and never did litter! It rattles my brain how so many people can not give such a crap about the woods our fathers and fathers fathers worked hard so they could enjoy!
Jason Aiken, a part of a local Colorado Bigfoot Research group
came out to see us the first day of our initial investigation over at the South Platte river. At the time everything Bigfoot was new to me, I was not even convinced that this creature was even real. Why was there so much interest and why were different people contacting me? I was a newbie at the time, but I think what struck most people was the authenticity of my report on something roaring at me, and something breaking a tree at me... Like many people I had no reason to lie and I didn't even think Bigfoot would be good for my channel, lol. I had a lot to learn, and that's an understatement!
In doing this website I've dug back to try to lay down everything I have learned. That's where I saw Jason in this video and then remembered about him. He wanted to do an interview and while I was initially fine with that, I became overwhelmed by everything that was going on, and again, didn't understand this new Bigfoot World. I finally got back to him, be it about a year later! Better late than never!
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Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
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