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Colorado Bigfoot Research
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4:29 in the video to see the corn
Corn that was gifted was found several days later, peeled and eaten then set down near where it was last set (gifted). This is strong evidence something with hands had to have eaten this. The corn was raw. So for a person to have done this as a scam, is also rather far fetched!
Go to 4:29 in the video, for the corn
Colorado Bigfoot investigations
Another page of EVIDENCE!
Often "Bigfoot of Colorado" as well as "Rockhounding with Bigfoot, will use funny clips to add some comedic relief in videos! Photo has been changed to make it look like Bigfoot, Harry here, is taking a selfie. Otherwise this is from the Movie Harry and the Hendersons.
Print of Bigfoot in Colorado
Here they found a print of what appears to be a young Bigfoot, or a juvenile Bigfoot. This is actually more common as the younger ones tend to make the mistake of leaving behind a print, more than the adults. Bigfoot are easily capable of understanding what it means to leave a print, let alone a set of tracks leading right to them. They will use a number of tactics to both cover prints, as well as not leave them to begin with. This was also one of the first video scenes for the channel that was completely un-edited!
With this new world of Bigfoot often comes other unusual aspects such as; conspiracies and conspiracy theory's, Aliens and UFO's, other dimensions and weird lights, sometimes referred to as orbs. Why? What can all of this possibly have to do with Bigfoot!

Dustin, of the Youtube channel "Rockhounding with Bigfoot" can explain. He has gone from full Bigfoot skeptic and non-believer to a KNOWER of Bigfoot and many of the unusual things that seem to hitch a ride along the unexplained world of Bigfoot.

To answer this question it's easiest to start from the beginning. Imagine yourself going out in the woods in areas where these creatures are living. You will see strange things that can not be explained by nature; rocks stacked up on top of each other, sometimes in very ornate patterns, bones placed into weird groups (obviously placed in some form, for some reason, very out of place looking). tree's twisted through other trees or bent down with yet another tree holding the bend in place (etc and so on).
Once you're able to SEE and KNOW there is SOMETHING going on, something that can NOT be explained by nature, you are just then starting to open the door to the truth. As mystery consumes you and a need for answers compels your soul, you continue to push the boundaries for truth. You hike back into the woods deeper, you stay past day light into the darkness. You improve your cameras and buy FLIR, a professional DRONE, and night vision. You may even deploy game cameras and leave recorders out over night.

As you do these things you will start to find very weird happenings. You will likely see lights that can't be explained and sounds on your video/s that you swear you didn't hear in real life. Even in real-life, you will see and hear things that seem to play with your intelligence and test the  depths at which you are willing to go to get answers.

At some point you do research seeking answers and connecting dots outside of your own experiences. One thing that will often strike you from the begriming is the amount of deadly accurate occurrences that happen in most of all of Bigfoot encounters and research spanning the globe! How can so many details fit into place across so many different places? People who know nothing of each other report the exact same types of things -from the tree manipulations to the sights and sounds. Any AWAKE person should be able to see from here something REAL is going on, this is NO HOAX!

In some of this research you will probably read how the US Government knows all to well about Bigfoot. Now, if you know anything at all about Freemasonry, then you know where this connection ties into Bigfoot. Nearly all, if not all, politicians are masons. Anyone who is "anybody" in today's world is a mason! I do mean this literally! From Hollywood actors to presidents and CEO's of our largest companies! Okay... now within Freemasonry you have levels. Level three for example is called a master mason. This is really nothing at all. It is in the next levels you begin to learn the secrets of the world. I could be wrong in saying (I'm not) that Bigfoot is one of the largest and most compelling mysteries we have left with us today! And if THEY do in fact know as much as I believe they do, then this makes Bigfoot one of the largest secrets as well.
Secrets of Sasquatch!
Max Powers, right, is one of many who have tried this tactic over the years.

In our very own research in doing this, we have found some very interesting occurrences, things that should not have happened, but did!
The first time we left out a recorder (after having ran it through testing including an overt night recording in our office), it somehow had switched modes of recording, seemingly on it's own! The recorder has multiple settings. One of those settings is called LP. LP records with a garbled mechanical sound through out the background (why is this even an option!?!?). We used the music setting which was perfectly clear in our tests and recorded over 24 hours non-stop. Okay, so our first drop off of the recorder is in music setting. When we get it a few days later it's in LP setting, which meant the entire recording was more or less useless!

Frustrated but not deterred, we left the recorder again several days later. Now it's important to understand the recorder will run for 60 hours
(battery life) of non-stop recording. It actually has a maximum capacity of over 1,500 hours of possible audio recordings before it fills up (4gig). So, we go in a few days later to again retrieve the recorder. And this time it is still on the music setting. YES! Success we think to ourselves, right? WRONG! Upon inspection, the recorder managed to turn itself off at around 1:30 am. The battery was over 70% good, the storage capacity was no where near full. How /why did it stop recording after only around 8 hours!?!?

Once again we tried - left the recorder in the woods, in the areas of would-be-Bigfoot-weirdness, and once again it turned itself off shortly into the recording. It has a slide switch on it to start the recording as well turn on the device. Both times the recorder was retrieved when it was "off", the switch was still on! And again, the batteries were completely fine... as of Sep 2019, that was it for us with the recorder. And this helps to show why Bigfoot research starts to lend itself into the category of more than just an animal. Something was happening to our recorder! Something we could not understand or explain!
Often times human litter will be found in very
peculiar places. Here we see an empty vodka
bottle placed up a top and onto a broken tree.

It's also worth noting this tree is broke about 8 feet up for apparently no reason. Did Bigfoot brake this tree, and if so why? This is one of the many mysteries that such channels on Youtube as Rockhounding with Bigfoot and Bigfoot of Colorado aim to answer!
While this is a darn good mask, masks and monkey suites can't possibly explain the real mystery behind Bigfoot. Too many sightings, too many matching details across all states from all types of people and too many odd tree structures in the woods where no people have set foot names just a few of the reasons why!
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
More Sasquatch evidence
Broken deer leg and an unclassified bone, also broken on one end, both found inside the shelter at the river,
2018, South Platte River, CO.
< Dustin, from the Youtube channel Rockhounding with Bigfoot. This is me, the author and creator of this website. One of the things I have to put up with the that sucks the most is the comments from people for a particular video. We show lots of images and pictures that are related to Bigfoot, or are something directly caused by them. We do our best to show this, and to show how any other answer is actually a lot crazier, and much more impractical, than to say a Bigfoot did this; whatever "THIS" happens to be. There's always those people who just don't accept this and still want to believe that either, A) We are just making things up, or B) It is all just things done by people or by nature. It's always interesting too how they can't back this up, yet I can back up every one of my claims that I present in a video. If I can't back it up, then I would likely present something as a theory or as "likely to be" this or that. People have a much easier time bashing the Bigfoot research and the actual proof that such research presents them, than to actually believe Bigfoot to be true. Facing the truth is a lot harder to do!
Halloween slash Bigfoot festival, Denver Zoo, CO, Oct. 2019
Below, green lights in the dark,
This is an excellent example of what we can do with pictures. And not just pictures, but videos as well. Mouse over the image to see the after effects of the image enhanced. This is something we've done pretty much from the begriming of our videos, our channel. I didn't know at the time that not many other researchers were doing this; enhancing their images or videos. The shot below is from the Bigfoot Festival, Denver ZOO, Oct. 2019. And it's taken with a Go Pro Hero 5. This camera shoots in 4k! And this is why the enhancement was so effective. We still get great results when doing this with a camera
that shoots in 1080p, as long as the MP is high. Our Canon sx540 for example is a little over 20 MP. If we were to use a camera like a cheap dash cam or cheap knock off Go Pro, the results would be far less as impressive. A lot of those cameras SAY 1080p, sure, but the MP is usually around 12MP and the sensor in those cameras is cheap too. We can even take footage from cheap cameras like this and convert the final video into 4k, but that's NOT REALLY 4k. Sure the amount of pixels on the screen are there, but since the original camera didn't capture that amount of pixels, the image information, the amount of pixels per inch is lost. We've done similar enhancements for Snow White Bigfoot,Youtube channel and had pretty good results. In fact if you have an image, or part of a video you would like enhanced just get a hold of us and we'll see what we can do. You can find us on FaceBook under the same name as our channel, Rockhounding with Bigfoot.
That's not a flash, it's the same image! >
Snow White Bigfoot
We've seen a wild animal ravage our gifted corn, and it didn't look anything like this!

We're not sure if it was a bear, or a coyote, a raccoon or even some sort of a badger, but something did get to our gifts before our furry friends could. The corn we claim to be eaten by Bigfoot, IS EATEN by Bigfoot! The leaves are pealed back nicely and the corn is eaten in rows, then the USED piece of corn is set somewhere, almost as if by something with manners! Pretty sweet! When we saw our corn, as well as other items ravaged by something, it was exactly as you would except to see it. The corn was shredded, bits and pieces all over the place with other large chunks of the corn missing. This matches what happened when we gifted a peach. The entire thing was eaten except for the large peach seed inside, which was also placed into our dig hole like the corn. Not where we had even left the peach! I've watched a deer for example eat an apple, they just EAT THE APPLE, the entire thing. Our apples had stickers on them, guess what? The stickers were removed! They were carefully taken off as if with care, and also put into our dig hole! Just incredible stuff...
This is the first time we found that Bigfoot like corn. Let me add a bit of information here for you. We chose a random area in the woods, far from any path and hidden down a little hill. This area was chosen because we found some minerals here and were digging, finding crystals and even an actual pocket. But what made it ideal to start gifting here was how well hidden it was. Even more, I had been going to this area for 2 years, now three, and have never one time seen a single person off the path that is hundreds of yards away from where we hike back into. And even then, I have only ever seen two people back on that path! One walking his dog and another guy who came to get some bark off a tree. Now, not only would you need to know where we were gifting at for this to be some person, but you would also need to know WHEN we are gifting. Each time we come into this area, there are no other cars down by the road where you park to walk in, from there. There are no houses near by and if there were you would hear all sorts of sounds (dogs, doors opening and closing, cars coming and going, people and maybe even shooting). So you would somehow need to know when we go to gift. It is completely random. We might go on a weekend, and we will also go on a Monday, or a Wed.
or...ANY DAY, we go everytime at random, depending on the activity we get, the weather conditions and our work schedules. Likewise we go at different times. We have gone at 8:45 am and we have gone up at 4pm, and every time in between. Let's say you somehow knew when we went. How? You are living in the woods, hiding from everyone? Ok that means you need to avoid our dog who would surely detect you. You would be breaking the law and you would need to leave no signs. No shoe of foot fall tracks. We have received knocking in response to either knocks we do, yelping or calling out, or just by our presence in the area. Some of these knocks sound very close. So you would need to be able to do something like that, without ever being seen. And if your going to know when we come in, you need to remain in that area. There is no other possible explanation (besides some secret gov. force using satellites to watch over, and why? Now things start to become even more far fetched than it's a Bigfoot gifting with us!), so anyway staying in this area means you need to face the cold at night. And you need to do so with no fire, because we would see the signs and/or fire pit. We walk every inch of these forests in all directions, sometimes for miles! Let's say someone can manage these things, fine, great (they can't), they would also need to eat raw corn, completely
uncooked. You would also need to be able to super impose weird sounds into the audio bits of our filming, our videos! You would also need to be able to not be detected by trail cams, and you need to be able to consistently shut down a recorder without touching the on/off switch! We find our recorder off or it says full, which is not possible! It has a max storage capacity of 1560 hours! We only leave it out to record for 24 to 48 hours, and when we get back it says full. The battery should be the thing that turns off, lasting only 60 hours, but it's normal, 70% or whatever. Sure enough the recorder, when checked later, was turned off at some random time not long after we left. Once around 8:30pm and the other time 1:30am, not even passing 10 hours of recording, let alone 1,560! AND each time, the on/off switch was still in the on position. If you were to turn it off, then back on, it automatically starts to record again! See, this is not normal, I would even go as far to say not possible, yet it happens consistently to this thing.
So there you have it, Bigfoot is eating the corn. Not a bear, not a dingo, not a deer. Something (Bigfoot) with hands is peeling it back nicely, and eating the rows of corn just like a human (Bigfoot) would do. And by the way, this is not all the supporting evidence we have to tell the world something, not a person (Bigfoot) is doing these things and living in this area. Feel free to explore this website, where I have documented as much as I can for you. Research that has not just taken us one year now, but more often than not 30 to even 70 hours a week, every week, for over one year!
You insult our intelligence!
It's fair to say that in a years time with 30 to 70 hours per week, every week, of dedicated research, that if everything we were dealing with was the work of some illusive mad homesless person (or any human person for that matter), we would have caught onto that. As with many of the comments we get on The Channel, you would be insulting our intelligence to suggest someone is messing with us. If I can't explain to you enough how we know this is the creature we know as Bigfoot, then I can only ask that you go out and do your own research. You can even come along with us (at participating locations only -lol), and we can't guarentee, obviously, that anything will happen, I can pretty much guarantee (there is no such thing as a guarantee actually), that you will
see things, just like we show in the videos, and you wont be able to explain them. In fact this could be fun, and it reminds me of the invitation I sent out on our FaceBook Group. Someone can come out to our location and try to hide from us, but they need to follow us and watch our every move and be able to report back on that. You would need to be able to not be detected by a dog, and you would need to make one change to our area within 10 minutes as we walk around, with a dog, and still not be detected. A change like stacking rocks in the middle of where we leave our things. My invite was something like this. Even if lost so to speak, and someone could do this, it would still make for great research and for an interesting video. Likewise for a sceptic to come out with us, much like Todd Standing has done, would be good for the cause. We would point out tree's for example, let's start with that because firstly I know we will see tree jobs, and they are the number one thing a skeptic snuffs at. I bet, and sure we can wager money, that you can't explain to me how some of these (all of them) are done by nature. I have done exactly this, and it always seems to end up the same. I say how is this possible. Someone will reply by first letting me know they have been a lumber jack for 600 years, or they have been out in the woods the entire life, okay, great, thanks, that has literally nothing to do with your ability to decode reality, and then they will go onto to say they've seen the exact same things in the woods they go to, or that they see "these things" all the time, and it's no big deal, or they will add "and we don't have any Bigfoot here". Do you see as clearly as I do the irony, or even the absolute blind ignorance in such statements? I used to reply to these, thinking to myself if I can change even one persons mind then okay, that person should still matter. Well, much like picking up trash in the woods. Your intentions are great, but there is only so much you can take before you need to, at some point, remember to look out for your self and your own peace...
If the picture on the homepage doesn't do it for you, what about these drawings? Hey! At least they aren't blob squatches or black shadowy figures between trees! Anyway, want one? Let me know. Otherwise feel free to use what's here. But only if you're giving credit back to this site, and/or the Youtube channel.
"curious Bigfoot seekers interested in nothing more than finding the truth "