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Bigfoot of Colorado / Rockhounding with Bigfoot and RMSO
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Bigfoot of Colorado!
And Rockhounding in our wonderful state
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Colorado Bigfoot Research
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Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
More Sasquatch evidence
found at our river location and seemingly coming up overnight (South Platte river not far from "The Hotel", Mid 2019). I believe I think the same thing most people think when they see something like this; why would someone make that? I guess it was a shelter some fisherman mad for his dog while he was here for the day (the shelter is no more than 2 feet tall). Or this is just the sort of things kids do to have fun or pass the time.

But here is what sets a researcher apart. Stop and think for a moment why would someone really take the time to do this, really think about it. Then after you have decided well whatever people are just weird that's why...okay then inspect the anomaly closer, and take your time to notice what you may have missed!
This is a great example of this because...

Brody with RMSO discovered this!
However he didn't take the time to comb over the details, or he didn't have the time to do that. He sent us a picture of this after its discovery, once he was back into cell service. We went to look at it about a week later. YES You SHOULD go to a new discovery as soon as you can, right away. But life doesn't always let that happen. By the time we got there the shelter was either ruined or it fell down. That's okay, some amazing details were left at the scene, things very hard to explain!

Check out the images below, you will find a bunch of branches bent and woven together using other branches and or roots /branch parts. Just look at these images to get a feel of how cool this really is. Why would anyone take the time to do this as part of the shelter? We have this in video; I found this woven "Jesus Fish" thing with many other branches inside of it. It was holding together a group or cluster of pieces that was on the side, and/or was making up one of the sides, of this "shelter".

Oh but that's not all!

In addition to the intricately created woven and bent branches, we found other branches that made up other parts of this shelter also bent. In fact, those are the ones I noticed first and then began looking closer to find this one large one. I was already thinking to myself, why would anyone bend branches (without them breaking moreover) to be used as part of this? They were just bent and laying around and on this thing. WHY would anyone do that? It literally made no sense at all. This "Jesus Fish" at least made sense. It was structural and holding together pieces. But many other random and single pieces just bent, laying on this, weird?

Every single branch was broken. Not one of them was cut or had any clean smooth edge. Bent branches or normal pieces, all of them were broken! As you can see from the images, some of these branches are a little too big for child hands to break in half right from the stalk.

Why was a hole dug out inside of this, and why was the dirt pile from said hole (tailings pile) nowhere to be seen? In addition to this hole there was a ravaged blanket or old shirt, some sort of old fabric or clothing item laid inside of this. Then the entire shelter was covered in some sort of moss. This really did look like something for a Baby Bigfoot to be put up in. The more we looked, the more stood out and the more fascinating of a discovery we knew we had. Besides, this wasn't created off a highway, near a playground or school; it was at the river! The same river that started off us as investigators. The place I was roared at, the place we had large rocks stacked up in groups of three (twice happening while we were on site) and the place where I have found at least another dozens signs of circumstantial evidence of the presence of Bigfoot. Well, for me, it's incriminating and obvious. But for the rest of the world with limited brains I know it's not (not usually at fault of their own, we are designed this way by society so to speak).

The other thing I can say about this is that Bigfoot have been known to create things EXACTLY like this. The bend branches without them snapping, and they bind things together with woven pieces just like this. JUST like this!! So if you add up all the facts we do have, you should start to get a pretty clear understanding of what really happened here, and just how cool that really is!!
Just like the tree bends we find, we are not sure how they can bend these branches without them breaking. I know heat and water both help to bend wood. But I think just having an enormous amount of brute strength changes things as well. For them they can manipulate things in ways that for us we know would brake. As if they can assert such a large amount of pressure to these pieces that they can tweak them and bend them into shape without snapping?

Notice how there are two pieces side by side used in this wrapping. There's not more to say about this accept to notice it and now we can look for this same pattern, or design, in other pieces. This shows talent! Not only knowledge but also experience. It also appears there is something else going on too. There is another piece in here that we can't quite tell what it is. That larger flat piece that looks like striped bark.

Also, notice the piece (bottom towards the right) that did actually break. It is the smaller end of one of these branches used. Again this must show experience because they ("he she it or they") must have known ahead of time what size branch (width) was needed to create the wrap and the bond they needed!
If you're not sick of this word by now, then you're probably new to the world of Bigfoot! Anyway, the image to the left here shows a great example of this. This was first seen by a viewer from the time stamp 23:56 in the video "Something messed with the recorder", Sep/Aug 2019.

I was able to review a few frames before and after this images frame, and discern the face of this image was actually a little bush, branch, or tree. What looks like the MEAN EYEBROWS are each a little leaf. And the nose is also a leaf. Each leaf is going out in it's own direction. Here is the crazy part; something brown and appearing to be consistent in shape size and color (smoothness) is still there, even after we remove the little tree "face" from the equation! So what is it??
Primitive Tool Found Tracking Bigfoot
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Rock Hounding in Bigfoot's lair!
Bigfoot of Colorado
Documentary on Bigfoot's Diet!
This is a cute drawing, one we could probably make as well (see some of our Bigfoot artwork here), but what actually got my attention about this is the onion! Do you see the two natural onions in this little guys hands? Before I ever did the research on foods available in the woods, for the short documentary, I thought it was so cool to find onion out in the woods. I accidentally dug some up while digging around a quartz deposit looking for minerals, particularly fluorite in this area. I could smell it long before I ever saw it. Once I realized the smell was coming from this little root balls that more or less fell into my shovel, I then noticed the long green hollow leaves protruding up from the root balls. Onion? I thought it was so cool to find onion in the wild like this, and from there I began to see how someone, and something, really could live off the land out here if they knew what to do and where to look!