It all just doesn't make any sense (or does it)?
Focusing on some of the more conflicting reports and ideas of Bigfoot!
Bigfoot & Sasquatch -Weird Answers
Bigfoot in Colorado, TEETH!
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Colorado Bigfoot Research
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Are trail cameras a waste of time to capture Bigfoot?

Quick answer yes. However Bigfoot play by their rules. If they want to LET YOU get a picture of them, they will. So then again, maybe they aren't a waste of time.

Then we have the photo evidence out in the world captured by trail cameras. I think 90% of what is out there is junk. The rest are probably legit. One further possibility is that the younger creatures, even babies, could slip up. In such a way then, one could get a photo of Bigfoot with this device.
You're not alone, this is creepy!

It's probably worth mentioning as a general rule of thumb, if you want to keep Bigfoot away from an area, just put up a trail camera!

Below to the left is a picture we ended up with on the SD card of our trail camera from around 12:30 in the morning, on a late September night. This was indeed in our Bigfoot Habitat area. Did they do this? What is it?

The image below we funked with. I took the original image and gave it a mirrored side, and then centered it. Creepy yes...
Dark and then, The Light!

If ever we get into the dark side of Bigfoot, or whenever we have some footage, video or audio, that is just scary, we will usually of put following up
with a much lighter note.
Things can GET REAL, real quick, with Bigfoot research. Especially out in the field and especially at

Keeping true to the roots of our channel, how we started out, we like to have fun and joke around here and there (from time to time). There's a good balance if one can manage it, to do serious research but have fun with it as the same time!
Sasquatch Ontario,
Sasquatch Ontario (Speaking of Sasquatch /FirandCedar), Youtube channel, as well as Sasquatch Oracle, Youtube Channel and Minnesota Bigfoot (with Joe Parkhurst), are a few of the main players in the realm of what some refer to as The Woo. While we don't really like this term, woo, it refers to the spiritual side as well as the just plain out weird side of the Bigfoot.

Getting right into it,
Here is what baffles us even more than the understanding that Bigfoot can cloak (be hidden or go invisible)! Sasquatch Ontario's Mike as well as the late Kathleen Odom, and many others, have graciously reported of their work and findings regarding Bigfoot (for what it's worth the name Sasquatch tends to be used more throughout Canada, while Bigfoot is more Northern American (not including with respect to the Native American names). Being very much on the side of The Woo, they tell us how Bigfoot want peace for mankind. Bigfoot are (easily) telepathic and able to being in multiple dimensions as they chose (though Bigfoot themselves don't refer to it as such). According to them, and I do tend to support this idea as much as what follows below, Bigfoot are BIG on LOVE, and learning. They want very much for people to be caring, compassionate and playful; not even so much as with the Bigfoot, but with each other (person to person). According to these two channels, and many others out there, Bigfoot want to connect with people and refer to all of us as being ONE. The Bigfoot not only understand English then, but as well their own language/s, of which they don't need lips and tongues to communicate.
So we get an over all understanding of such BEING's as loving, kind guardians.

As great as this sounds, why then do we have so many reports from so many people, whom know nothing of each other (having no reason to lie) of not only menacing Bigfoot encounters but outright treacherous and even dangerous Bigfoot!?? This is what is most baffling to me....
For all of this it's really no wonder,
For all of these reasons alone, it's really no stretch of the imagination to see how come videos on Youtube can have such conflicting comments. Here is a normal, and common scenario for a mixed channel on Youtube; Commenter, "we want more rocks and gold, Bigfoot will never let you see them"; and another saying "More Bigfoot please, we are subscribed for Bigfoot and don't care about rocks". Okay, sure enough, this was to be expected. What's not normal are all the comments that seem to come across as mass confusion and chaos. Really, can you blame the people? You shouldn't. Someone is going to say Bigfoot are Gentle Giants, go out in you research with love. And in the same video, even the same exact timestamp reference you will see this -"have your gun ready, the Bigfoot will try to eat you and steal your kids the first chance they get"! I guess the best we can say right now is that the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Even that, is highly up for debate.

Is there anything else like this?
What else is there that people can debate so blindly? I mean, on one side you have the people who have seen Bigfoot, heard the reports, found the tree structures in the middle of the woods, had rocks thrown at them in areas with no other people around, heard the tree knocks and found footprints. The other side is the vast majority of people. That is really all they have going for them. It's easy for them to say how can we have not found a Bigfoot in today's age, with all our technology. For those of us who know, we can just roll our eyes and say please - do your research (don't even waste your time replying). Having done research, you can't say the footprints don't exist, they do. The footprints are fake, they're not! We have PHD's ready to tell you they belong to something yet to be properly identified. With dermal ridges going along the side of the foot (not known of any other animal /human or sub-class on earth). I suppose this is why the UFO topic tends to find refuge around Bigfoot. There are people who have encounters, and then the mass majority of everyone else who is moreover being fed like pigs from Hollywood. Aside from the UFO world, there is not much else like this Bigfoot topic. And one thing that I really find curious; anyone can go out right now into the woods, and you will have evidence sitting right in front of your face! You can reach out and touch it. Go farther, look more, you will be amazed at what has been there all along!

How can hunters say they know they aren't real, after 35 years in the woods?
Your answer is hiding in plain sight. Do you think such an intelligent and illusive creature is going to want to show itself to a person who's sole reason for being out in Bigfoot's Home, is to murder and slaughter other living beings? Yea... didn't think so! It's interesting then how we do have a lot of hunters who have seen them! The chance encounter does happen, it has happened many times. The reason for a hunter to not shoot at a Bigfoot (unless you're getting into Fiction stories like Dixie Cryptid (which By The Way DO NOTHING but harm for the Bigfoot topic (but hey, Dixie is lining his fat pockets, you think he cares?))), anyway, the reason they don't pull the trigger seems to ALWAYS be the same - "it" looked too human!
The easy answer,
It seems then the easy answer to this question is always the same; that is there are different kinds of Bigfoot. Sure this could be as true as the fact these creatures can be invisible, spot the field of view of a camera like a neon sign saying "come here to get shot", and can be as large as 11' just all seems a little to convenient. We have this benevolent ancient all-knowing super-human creature looking over man kind, wanting to connect with people, but then whoops, somewhere along the lines someone or something messed up and we also ended up with the same exact creature except this one destroys farms, kills animals, breaks the legs of deer, plays with bones including putting skulls in trees, kills dogs, screams like a wild banshee demon in the woods and so on and so forth. Doesn't this seem very out of place to anyone else? It really feels like something is missing here. Either there is a large piece of this ridiculous mischievous puzzle missing or we have not set out the pieces correctly at all. Again, this is what baffles me the most.

So which is it then?

-Bigfoot is a shy illusive creature with abilities not yet understood to Science, who keeps to him self and lives 
  off the land, and wants to be left alone.

-Bigfoot is a massively intelligent God Like creature crossing dimensions, speaking many languages, out to 
  help all of humanity, having super-telepathic and hyper-physic abilities!

-Bigfoot is a a blood thirsty beast of the woods, who hides and stalks his victims, kills deer, eats raw flesh and
  breaks trees!

Why does it have to be one of these, and why can't it be all of the above?
This all just seems very non-fitting... How can any of these options fit with any one of the other's? And yet these are exactly the pieces we are given. Each one of these types are reported and are reported with exact details, matching impossible descriptions, year after year, decade after decade. It's really no wonder to see how so many people believe we are dealing with several different types of species. And really, why is this such a hard pill to swallow? We have many types of fish in the sea. Even dolphins alone, we have several different types. There are many types of bats, some very different than others, but each one is a bat!

What it seems to come down to is the Bigfoot is no animal. This conclusion has been met even in the cases of the mean blood thirsty deer-leg-breaking creature! And if they are not an animal, but they are clearly not human, then what are they? And this gets to the pit of all fears for a lot of people. We have something highly intelligent, that can even speak to us and among themselves telepathically, who can cloak to count coo on even the most seasoned Navy Seal team with ease.... and this same creature massively out weighs us and is eating animals in the woods? At the same time we have another bone to through into the blender! The missing 411.

Now, we have a mess! And isn't that just the truth? What do we know about Bigfoot. Honestly more or less everything written above on this page is what we know about Bigfoot. How can something God like and all knowing, have an off shoot of itself that's basically a beastly demon? And how possibly is Bigfoot going to work with humanity, come closer to us people, under such a scenario! It all seems a big mess of pieces that don't fit and for which have no clear history (where did each of these pieces come from, and who made them)? See now how these are the real answers? Bigfoot going invisible is not really all that more hard to realize than how to pieces of metal can pull or push each other apart through mid air or even through solid objects (magnetic fields), or how quartz crystals actually hold a resonate frequency inside them, this helping (or rather allowing) mankind to have RF, radio frequency, that can control objects hundreds of thousands of miles away with a magic wand (radio controller - i.e. NASA with the Explorer Satellites). 
Thanks a lot Wikipedia!

And here is a good reason why we have so much difficulty believing in something, EVEN if we have seen it with our own eyes, seen the loads of evidence and otherwise (Bigfoot) unexplained things in the woods.

Quote (by idiots stuck 40 hours a week in some cubicle somewhere):

"In North American folklore, Bigfoot or Sasquatch are said to be hairy, upright-walking, ape-like creatures that dwell in the wilderness and leave footprints."
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
More Sasquatch evidence