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WTH did Bigfoot do that for!?!
They can be weird, for anyone who has done enough research about them, they this above all else. Why? Why do the so called Sasquatch mess with people? Why do they hang bones and skulls in trees? Why do the brake branches of tree, breaking each end of a limb or stick, and lean it up against a bigger tree? Who is even going to notice this? Why on Earth would a creature do this and what could it all mean. If they are shy, illusive, and want to be left alone, why do they get people's attention, just to go back into hiding? Are they bored? Do they feel compelled to mess with people just for the sake of amusement?

Enough WHY's how about the HOW's?
How can they leave tracks in snow for example, that start or end in the middle of a field? Tracks literally just vanish, or start, from mid air? How can they create sounds, even whistling, that embeds itself into the audio of our cameras, when we heard nothing at all in real life? How can they communicate with each other, and even with some humans, without moving their lips (telepathically). Does a creature that has such misunderstood capabilities even need to eat? From the gifts that are taken, and from the evidence left behind of our own gifted food items the answer is yes. Well then how can it be some weird floating telepathic invisible creature that's also physical and has a body that burns calories?
Foil hats and body parts!
If you've been following at all with our journey, (Rockhounding with Bigfoot), then you know we are willing to meet the weird face to face. I have long thought if they are weird, then maybe it takes weird to figure them out. If they love to make you think WTF about them, then maybe we should try to make them think WTF about us. Yes the Starwars Phyc of Yoda - where backwards is everything and everything is.... you get the idea. But really, as of when I started to do these things no one else was doing anything like it. You have some researchers filming the trees and really bringing to light the things the Bigfoot are doing with manipulating trees and branches, some very interesting things. You had others whom were getting some very interesting rock stacks. And then many like the BFRO who do and see a mix of these things along with trying out the hollering and tree knocking and so on. I don't claim to be smarter than anyone, but I really think it was clear to see none of these things were working. I don't mean working in the way of getting a reply. I mean working as in the way of REALLY getting to the bottom of the Bigfoot mystery. The only way this was going to happen is with consistent communication from them, and a willingness from THEM to work with you. I would go so far as to say they need to walk out from hiding in the shadows and be okay with being on camera! Has anyone ever asked them to do this? First of all you would need to be okay with the sheer amount of negative comments you're going to get yourself. And the mockery about how the hell do Bigfoot suddenly know English?

What's the truth then?
That's right, you DON'T know what it is, and neither do we! For all we know THEY created English. You can't prove other wise. I could certainly see how talking to them with good intentions of the aforementioned, is going to get better results than talking in some grunting barking howling fashion thinking that they are understanding. And for that really, which would be more weird? Maybe we should just do nothing then ah? Leave them alone, and leave the mystery there? Let's face it unless they decide to work with us, we are not going to be able to do much of anything!

I've said before we are willing to try anything. That is not a message to the sicko's of the world, don't take that out of context! One thing that I talked Greg into doing with me was to wear foil hats! This didn't make it to video, not because we were afraid of the mockery, I mean have you even seen the things we do? We don't care! But as it turns out, having a hat covered in foil stops any air flow that would otherwise be around your head. I mean I understood this would be uncomfortable, but trust me you can't expect how bad it was. You need to actually try it yourself. Sweat was just dripping down from every side of our head. It was more than uncomfortable, it was unbearable. And that's coming from a guy who's worn a GO-Pro on his hat, that was pocking him in the forehead so long that it eventually just went numb. That's right, I said to heck with it and just kept on filming until the pain went away. I've also work a hat with a canon sx530 camera attached to it, that was then semi camouflaged with pine branches. That didn't bother me a bit. But a foil hat that was dripping sweat down every second from every side of your face...not cool (pun intended, and so what if pun wasn't intended, so what are you gonna do about it?). Okay just joshin you (kidding around). But hey, at least we are willing to go the distance. The idea was that if Bigfoot can indeed read your mind, if you think that's too crazy then you're free to go away, so if they can, which per Les Stroud, a very credible character who would not lie about this (if anything it would very much HURT his career, so why make this up), according to him they sure can and they do! Here's where I'm going with this; I don't care, read my mind, I have nothing to hide! We aren't trying to trick a Bigfoot into a trap so we can rape him (I mean her), I mean, so we can kill him. We are up here with good intentions even so when it comes to this illusive and apparently RUDE creature. Read my mind, have a blast! The idea was that if they couldn't suddenly read our minds, they might get curious as to why not and thus get close to us. The foil after all was covering the inside of the hats, so you could not see it, it just looked like a normal baseball cap. So they might get close to us to see what's up, OR, they might just get mad and frustrated, I mean how many people would have a foil hat and be walking around out in the woods. That's right, just THIS GUY! So they might be upset by this and do something. And GREAT! That's what we want! We don't want to upset them, but even if they throw a rock at us, AWESOME. That's the sort of interaction we would love to stir up if we could. I mean we'll take it! If we could literally sit down with these creatures, or even just be filming them from some distance that would be incredible and that is the ultimate dream. But we'll take what we can get, because we have no choice in the matter. This probably explains a lot of the weird things we try. Even my pushing over a tree, I am not trying to be mean or aggressive towards them, we just want to drum up some action! Action is good for video, and things good for video are good for views. It's quite easy to say, "oh we don't care about views...", Hogwash! Yes we do, and so does anyone putting something up on Youtube (unless it's a private or unpublished video). Once again that's what you get with us, the truth every time and no beating around the bush. Hell, even being passive aggressive is not welcome in these parts! We put our feelings and our ideas and even our frustrations or anger, if we have that at whatever moment, out on the table and we work with it!
This is exactly why it's refreshing!
This is why it's so easy to say to hell with all of that^ I am going to just focus on the creature as a flesh and blood animal. Let's not get pulled into the weirdness of the Bigfoot world. Many researchers will even say this "They are weird enough already, let's not make it worse". Or something along those lines. It indeed feels refreshing to through out the fuc$ery and start with a clean slate. Unfortunately you're not going to get far at all. If you avoid, and purposely remove /ignore, the weird things going on with and/or from Bigfoot, then you're not a researcher! You are just a person with a personal agenda. You are someone who is not capable of being a researcher of Bigfoot. This is not a mean remark, this is the plan as day truth. Bigfoot are very weird and they should cause you to say WTF at least once every other time you go out and investigate them. If not then you're not dealing with Bigfoot, or they're not dealing with you!

I have found out, when you get close,
to getting real answers about WTF is going on with Bigfoot, is when things have already experienced very weird things. Maybe you haven't noticed them. If you have been researching Bigfoot for let's say one year, and nothing out of the ordinary has happened, then this means one of three things. You don't have Bigfoot in your area, you're not paying attention, or you don't have the right kind of equipment to pick it up. Actually all you need is a camera! That doesn't mean go out with a camera into an area with Bigfoot and you'll see for yourself. I wish it were that easy. The Sasquatch are in charge (a.k.a. Bigfoot). They are the "Game Keepers" and they will change things up on you just when you thought you could start to understand them.
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Why do you keep Infrasounding me!!?
Another thing we've learned on our journey, (Rockhounding with Bigfoot), is this little odd thing that very much fit's into the WTF category. No but seriously I have experienced this before, and if you haven't heard this story before I am going to tell you it now. It is also live in a podcast up on the RMSO Youtube channel. I have some serious knowledge on this infrasound idea and something very important to share with the world. When it comes to Bigfoot, obviously proof is hard to come by. A lot of what we have are the reports from eye witness encounters. It sucks that it's up to the person watching or listening, as to whether or not they are going to believe the person. For this reason I often mention to go ahead and polygraph us, anyone, anytime... If there was a magic way to know for sure as clear as you know the time on the clock or the song your listening to on the radio, to know weather or not a report is factual then that would be great! We don't have that! We only have our limited human brains and we need to go off our intuition. Now intuition can be a very powerful thing. And for those who know how to really tap into it, then there you go, you should be able to know if something is true, mostly true, or complete BS. And it is intuition that plays such a huge role in my experience. I've probably mentioned some of this in bits and pieces on this website by now, but here I am focusing on the mental part, the physic part of this encounter. After all it really is the most important thing about what happened. It's up to you to KNOW I am telling you the truth as best as I remember (and I remember it very well). I swear to you in God's name I am not manufacturing this and I am not making up anything in this story. I would go so far as to say I am not even exaggerating anything, but in God's name I don't want to say that because parts of me could be doing that naturally as we tend to do when recalling events or telling a story. But I can at least, promise you I am not exaggerating on the following;

My wife and I had been walking in the woods looking for mushrooms. She is from Ukraine, no I didn't meet her on the Internet or order her from Russia and yes that is actually a real thing you can do! ANYWAY, we're walking and she notices something on the ground in this particular area. It was a hematite rock. It turned out to be a rather rare form of crystallized hematite. With that I then took note of the quartz rocks in this spot she had found. I had one of those small hand held shovel's, they are like only a foot and a half long. Good for digging up a mushroom that you might not want to touch with your bare hands! Well I decided to dig a little bit, I was a rockhound at the time but not an avid one. I had not even found gold before, yet, at this time (something any rockhound should be able to do by way of panning at a river /stream or creek). I also had no belief, let alone KNEW, that Bigfoot was more than anything made up by Hollywood to sell ad's while broadcasting a show on TV called "Finding Bigfoot". In fact it's funny because I even mentioned this in my very first video of doing rocks and hiking and digging, videos, in the first time that I talked about this experienced. Even then I still had not yet grown to know what was really out there! Well a few shovel fulls of dirt later I found a terminated crystal and my excitement just about blew the shovel right out of my hands! I am good at finding crystals today, GOLD too, but back then it was all new to me. Fast fwd. to a week later and I had came up to this areas by myself to continue digging. I was thinking about it all week long and couldn't wait to see what else I might find! The wife was working, I had some days off as I was doing tile at the time. As in a contractor who installs tile floors or does bathroom and kitchen remodel work. I even created some inventions for this industry. Anyway, I had hiked back up to this same spot, set my pack down and began to dig where we had left off the week prior. Sure enough I found more crystals, and more of these hematite crystal clusters. One of which I would end up trading a couple of years later for a cut ruby to a well known rockhound and jeweler of my Colorado town! How awesome is that!! Well I don't recall how long I was digging that day until something started to bother me but I don't think it was more than an hour. And it would have been anywhere from 11am to 2pm. I didn't bring a camera with me as I was not yet doing videos. Very soon after this discovery I began the channel, Finding Treasure in Colorado. At that time I didn't even have a camera to bring.

Anyway I began to feel sick. But this wasn't sick like I ate something bad or was catching the beginning of a cold. This was different and I guess I could explain it like the feeling you might have before the day of your wedding. Or how you might feel before a big meeting where you have a presentation, or a speech to give. Assuming these things make you anxious, if not then replace them with something that makes you extremely anxious. And that's the feeling I had! Odd right? Why? Why the heck would I feel like this just out of nowhere and moreover I am out here in nature, doing something I am beginning to grow passionate about. I was in my spot! This is the time I started to realize no one else was out here but me. I recalled how I was the only one parked down at the road where you would begin to hike into this area of the forest. Why was I even thinking about that? I had a gun on me, and I wasn't afraid of any bears. It was mid-day so there SHOULDN'T be any mountain lions out stalking, but I suppose it was possible. We don't have any moose or wolf in this area of Colorado, at least not in 2016. Okay, so I am thinking how I am alone, I am feeling very very anxious to the point I have knots in my stomach, and I can't possibly focus on digging. Could this get any worse? Sure it can! Then I begin to tell myself, inner-monolouge that I need to leave right now! I remember having this sort of internal conflict with myself as I tried to just dig and tell myself to shut up. Seriously what is my problem. I am just being weird and paranoid for no reason, just stop it. But the feeling didn't go away and my brain telling me something was really wrong just insisted. I finally stood up and began to walk around the edge of this little rocky dirt outcropping that was my new dig spot area. I just remember looking around, glaring out into the trees and shadows and looking and thinking, "okay brain, are you happy now, I am looking, you have my attention". Honestly though it was a lot worse than that. That makes it sound like it wasn't... it was just like being on stage by yourself and forgetting the lyrics or all of a sudden forgetting who you were and your on stage alone with hundreds of people watching and judging you! That's exactly how it felt. Uncomfortable to say the least. Overwhelmed with anxiety to the point your about to pass out! Literally sick and with a huge does of uncontrollable fear on top of it. I decided to tell myself something. Maybe I got this idea from the bits of meditation I had done in my past. I thought I could control the situation, because I thought it was all in my head. I told myself something and the exact second I was done telling myself this, something had happened. I may have any said this out loud, I can't remember for sure. "You are the biggest thing out here, and anything out here should be afraid of me"! That's exactly what I told myself in hopes I would calm down. After all I prepared for this day, I drove up here, I hiked into here, and I wasn't going to leave for no real reason. Whatever I was feeling couldn't be real, right? I didn't know. I was confused for sure. With a bit of a puffed chest just as I got done saying that saying to myself, as I turned back to walk towards my shovel where I was digging, the loudest most disturbing tree break sound I've ever heard, HAPPENED. I was froze. I was literally frozen, like when someone says scared stiff, that's actually a real thing. Just like that all these feelings turned real and now I had a reason. My face turned pale, my eyes grew big and I said to myself you need to move, you need to move right now, I was frozen for what felt like 30 seconds and was probably only 3 or 4 seconds, maybe 6, I really don't know? I swallowed hard, and grabbed my gun. I told myself okay good, keep doing this, keep moving it... I said who's there? Once I was able to get the gears of my mind and body working again my brain instantly created an ala-carte dish for me to eat! The dish was called someone must be there, some lost hiker who just broke a branch on accident, a REALLY big branch, which wasn't important to this dish that I was to accept. Someone is there and somehow or for some reason they broke a tree or a huge branch. Maybe something was scaring them, just like it was me, so they broke this limb as a way of telling them selves they are big, just like I had got done telling myself in so many words. It's pretty amazing really, how good our brains can make these neurologically connections instantaneously and create a story to calm a situation, or just to make sense of it. Hey, this dish was looking (sounding) pretty good to me about them! I actually started to feel better thinking haha, someone is there. Maybe it's even just a near by land owner trying to scare me. In a matter of seconds my brain was giving me two reasons and some scenarios to match to what was happening, people can be weird after all. "Who's there!" I said, "Hello"... nothing. Hello I said again, is someone there. Just dead silence. This made me swallow again and think to myself okay I am not dealing with a nice person here. Either that or I just spooked them and they didn't know what to say. Well the silence was enough to being back the full amount of the fear and anxiety I was experiencing moments earlier. With that I, and the short fuse I already have as part of my personality, I had enough and said, "if someone's there say something I have a gun"! Really? Really I thought to myself they are still not going to reply. I was worried. I was thinking now, in that moment, okay I am probably not dealing with a person. My mind went straight away to bear. A bear broke a big branch, yea, okay, that must be it. Then I spooked it because it didn't know I was over here down on the ground digging and looking for rocks. Then I thought to myself right away oh no, what if it's actually stalking me? And that explains why I was feeling so weird and bad before anything had even happened. I mean, really, how else is this even possible.

Just as soon as I thought I had assessed the situation, I thought to myself oh no! If this thing is stalking me, then it might be just waiting to ambush me. That was my exact thought. And at the same time of thinking that, I was thinking how if that happened I probably wouldn't even have a chance to get a shot off. And with that I was like hell no, this is not how I am going to leave this world! Fight or flight kicked in, adrenaline pumped hard into my veins and I started to shoot my gun into the ground. I can't recall if it was a single shot at first or several, I do know it wasn't a full magazine, and I think it was only one shot but possible two or three. I told myself okay slow down cowboy (not my exact words), let's wait now and see if someone reveals themselves. Still nothing. And actually, the fact that I also didn't hear any large predator running off, made me just as worried! I begun to yell and curse in anger. I was in full fight mode and I had my wit about me to know not to run. If a predator was there, afraid of my gun or not, I mean hell I didn't know what was going on, just don't run because it would make this thing give chase. I packed up my bag and I remember I had to force myself to do this. My brain said LEAVE NOW. And I said to myself I'm not coming back here, like EVER. And if I don't get my things now they are going to be gone. Still my brain said LEAVE NOW. I had to force myself to gather up my things but I did it very fast, and I would not look at the ground for more than one or two seconds. I would look at an item just enough to see where my hands needed to go. I would pack it into my backpack as I kept my gun and eyes into the area of the large break sound. I did this for each thing I had. A water bottle, a jacket that I was sitting on to dig, the shovel, a flat head screw driver (a common item for digging rocks) and a walky talky. The walky talky had a few mile range with 20 channels. It was my emergency back up plan as well just sort of something I always had interest in, like ham radios and listening to chatter from strangers, I dunno. As I packed it looking up constantly, I got it on and when I did I felt huge relief. Getting all the things into my bag, and then getting my backpack on me felt like I just kicked a field goal and won the big game! It wasn't over, and I knew it. I was still gripped with terror, but I knew all I had to do now was walk out and I had my gun ready to go. I walked out of the forest mostly backwards. I wasn't running anyway and knew better than to do that, so I walking, quickly, sideways and forward, sideways again and backwards, looking all around me as I walked out.

So what's so important about this experience? How did I feel something so strong and so bad, BEFORE the tree break sound had happened? HOW?!!? Infrasound, something I learned about over a year later, was one good explanation! This is how I know things that we can't see, are real! I have always been spiritual, and for me this just confirmed that yes, things we don't know exist! I can't say for sure but I imagine this experienced probably brought me a bit closer to my faith as well... at least for some amount of time in the aftermath.

The other "encounter" I had was the more well known one. Someone else on Youtube by the name of Tri Diver did a break down video of this. I welcome anyone to do anything they want on any part of our video or audio. Because we have nothing to hide and nothing is fake. That's not to say we could be mistaken about something. And when that happens there's actually a large silver lining; it shows our character! Both Greg and myself have no problem admitting when we're wrong. And unless you're a fifteen year old little girl you shouldn't either! Here is the break down of that video, here, this entire sentence, right here, what you're reading now, just click on it!
What's up with the vacuum cleaner?
Why is it shutting off randomly like that? So here's another thing I found out about when you get close. Well, not really no, it was an idea I expressed in a video and I wanted to follow up on this. When cleaning the carpet, vacuuming, the vacuum will turn off suddenly. It's a new vacuum, and there was no reason that I could see. The cord wasn't being pulled, it wasn't over heating. Well I noticed it was only happening when it got close to this enormous speaker we have sitting on the floor in our office. The speaker has a large magnet on it, and whenever the vacuum is running, and it get's within three inches away, the vacuum turns off. The motor actually shuts down, but the lights stay on. Mystery solved. Well, I had made a reference to Bigfoot, saying maybe they are not TRYING to infrasound us people, but when we, or they, get to close to one another, we feel it. As if the Bigfoot's energy is so much greater than ours, that we get the feeling known as infrasound, and that they are not necessarily doing this on purpose. While this is an interesting theory I was reminded, while writing parts of this website, that I didn't feel the dread feeling, or any other feeling for that matter, the night that there was a Bigfoot right next to me, when the camera got it's eye on video. When I said, "don't let that fall on you", as we walked under a big leaning tree that was resting on another tree. Don't get me wrong, we DID feel bad that night, very very bad, and for this all three of us, including Brody with the RMSO, agreed we had been the victims of this so called infrasound. The thing is, when we walked past the Bigfoot, and I mean right past, he or she was literally three to four feet away from us, hiding behind a tree with one eye peeking out watching us, at that time we felt fine. It was not until maybe 15 minutes later that we felt sick. And go figure, that feeling started after Greg and I both had answer the call of nature (we had both been holding ourselves until then). Right after we PEED (there I just said it), is also when we smelt the Bigfoot. No we didn't smell our pee, shut up. Brody advised us this skunky smell that hit all three of us was a Bigfoot. Slightly after this is when that bad feeling hit us. You can find the video on the channel. Anyway, if the so called Sasquatch had this energy that unwillingly drained us little humans when we got too close, it would have MORE THAN HAPPENED, when we walked past this one that was so close it could have EASILY reached out and touched us, NOT exaggerating at all. So, it's a cool theory, a cool anaology but I don't think it fits. And as always with this Bigfoot STUFF, I could be wrong!!
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
Pictures of Colorado Bigfoot!
More Sasquatch evidence